OEBSS: Chapter-8


In the consultation room, the doctor first carefully cleaned the remaining whipped cream from Chen Bai Zhou’s left eyelashes and asked him to slowly open his eyes. 

After the cream was completely wiped off, Chen Bai Zhou slowly opened his eyes.

His left eye had become blood red, maybe the whipped cream had somehow entered his eye and had caused an irritation. 

Looking at the condition of the child’s eyes, the doctor couldn’t help but mutter to the few people inside the consultation room, “How can a parent be so irresponsible? They didn’t want the child to have eyes anymore?!”

After cleaning Chen Bai Zhou’s left eye once again, the doctor put some soothing medicine in them and covered the left eye with a thin gauze.

“Doctor Uncle, he still has some injuries on his body, can you help him with it?” Shao Xian’s soft yet crisp voice sounded in the consultation room.

Hearing it, the doctor frowned, and took a look at Chen Bai Zhou’s injured body.

The doctor’s expression instantly turned cold. The old and new injuries on the child looked quite scary.

 In a cold voice, the doctor said, “I suggest the patient should have a full-body examination first.”

Hearing it, Shao Xian looked up at Cai Ya Lan and said, “Mom, I want him to have an examination.”

Whether this kid, Chen Bai Zhou, was Fu Bai Zhou or not, it didn’t matter.

He couldn’t just sit back and watch a child being abused.

Mrs. Chen, who was standing behind them, didn’t speak a word. 

Moreover, because she didn’t have the face to speak in this matter.

As Chen Bai Zhou’s mother, her son was abused and injured by her stepson, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

But before Chen Bai Zhou was sent for the full body examination, he couldn’t hold back and fainted.

After a full body examination, the doctor handed the detailed report to Cai Ya Lan.

Shao Xian couldn’t help but lean over. 

But the more he looked at the report, the angrier he became.

“The child has fainted because of starvation and chronic malnutrition. It looks like he hasn’t eaten anything for nearly two days.” The doctor blankly spoke.

The doctor was feeling very angry in his heart, but as a doctor, he could only give advice.

“The child has a lot of old and some new wounds…” The doctor paused and after taking a deep breath, he said “I don’t know who beat the child so badly, but as a parent, if you bring him into this world and don’t take good care of him, then why did you give birth to him?!”

The doctor couldn’t help but condone the patient’s family.

A ten-year-old child looked so thin and had such a scarred body. Anyone with a little conscience wouldn’t be able to see it peacefully.

“Thank you, doctor.” Cai Ya Lan sincerely thanked the doctor.

She knew the child had a bad life but she didn’t know that the child had suffered so much at such a young age.

Chen Bai Zhou was lying unconsciously on the hospital bed with an infusion needle inserted in his clearly traceable veins.

It hurts to watch the child suffer.

As the doctor went out after checking the child, Mrs. Chen came forward and uncomfortably said, “Mrs. Shao, thank you for your help today. Bai Zhou is my son and I will stay here to take care of him.” 

If the woman had half of a mother’s love in her, then Chen Bai Zhou wouldn’t have to lie here.

Shao Xian deliberately shook Cai Ya Lan’s arm in a coquettish time and said, “Mom, I want to stay and play with him.”

Qian Wen Jie was a polite child, so he also came forward to help and said, “Aunt Cai, I also want to stay and play.”

“Bai Zhou is still not awake, how will the two of you play with him?”

Cai Ya Lan was a little reluctant to let Shao Xian meddle in other people’s family affairs. 

But, Shao Xian had rarely asked for anything, so she couldn’t bear to directly refuse him.

“I’ll wait for him to wake up…” Shao Xian said in a little adult tone, “Till then, I will help him watch over the infusion.”

Now Chen Bai Zhou’s left eye was covered with thin gauze, and his right eye was already bruised, Shao Xian couldn’t confirm, was this child really Fu Bai Zhou?!

Shao Xian wanted to wait until the child was healed and then identify him carefully.

Qian Wen Jie also immediately stood in line, and loudly said, “Me too!!”

Looking at Qian Wen Jie’s enthusiasm, Wang Shu Fen simply tugged at his ear and glared at him speechlessly.

Being stared at by the big eyes of the little Shao Xian, Cai Ya Lan couldn’t resist and apologetically smiled at Madam Chen.

“The doctor has said that when the kid wakes up, you can feed him some warm porridge. Madam Chen, why don’t we go back and prepare it.”

Cai Ya Lan gently added, “Don’t worry about Bai Zhou. I will call someone to come and take care of him. After all, this child was injured in our garden.”

Mrs. Chen could only agree to it and said, “Then I will trouble you.” 

After a while, the Shao family nanny hurried to the hospital, and only then did Cai Ya Lan and others leave the hospital.

As everyone went out, Qian Wen Jie finally couldn’t hold back, and asked, “Isn’t Aunt Chen Chen Bai Zhou’s biological mother? Why does her behavior feel weird?!”

Shao Xian raised his eyebrows and slowly said, “Yes, it does feel weird.”

Mrs. Chen’s official name was Bo Mei Juan. She originally worked on the farm and her original name was Bo Hong. 

Later, she felt that her name was too rustic, so she had changed her name to Bo Mei Juan.

One night, Bai Mei Juan somehow slept with an unknown man, and then became pregnant and gave birth to Chen Bai Zhou. 

After a few years, she met Mr. Chen, Chen Chang Jian, Chen Yu’s biological father, and they got married.

Although Chen Chang Jian didn’t dislike Bai Mei Juan for having an illegitimate child, he was quite indifferent to the child’s existence.

Bo Mei Juan, who had no status was constantly bullied by Chen Yu, not to mention an oil bottle like Chen Bai Zhou.

What was more absurd was that Bo Mei Juan intended to please Chen’s father and son by abusing Chen Bai Zhou. 

In the past, Shao Xian only learned through gossip that the stepson of the Chen family was not doing well, but now that he had seen it with his own eyes, he only felt that his heart had turned sour.



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11 months ago

Thank you for the translation ❤️ poor baby Bai Zhou (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ he needs care and people should have seen and reported before