OEBSS: Chapter-7


“What the hell is going on here?!”

Looking at the badly injured child on the ground, Cai Ya Lan’s eyes flashed with intense anger.

Shao Xian deliberately used an aggrieved voice to show his grievance and said, “Mom, these people bullied someone in our garden and dirty it too.”

With just a glance, Cai Ya Lan knew what was going on here. 

As she was about to say something to rebuke others, a well-dressed woman unexpectedly rushed out with a gentle smile to please her and said, “Mrs. Shao, don’t care about kids! This is all a big misunderstanding!! It is just a kid’s play.”

After speaking, she hurriedly gestured to Chen Yu with her eyes to follow her words.

Chen Yu indifferently glanced at her but still said, “Aunt Cai, we are all just playing some childish games. Those who lose the game will be punished by lying down on the ground. We are sorry for dirtying your garden.”

Other children also echoed the same apology.

What game?! What punishment?!

Shao Xian stepped forward and with a sneer lifted the child’s clothes, revealed the black and blue mark on the child’s belly to others, and then carefully covered the child’s body again.

“Mom, this kid was harmed in our garden. Let’s take him to the hospital first.”

Cai Ya Lan also agreed with Shao Xian’s approach, so she nodded and asked a servant to pick up the child.

But before sending the child to the hospital, she should first inform the child’s parents, so Cai Ya Lan asked, “Who is this child’s parent?” 

The well-dressed woman who jumped out to handle the situation said, “It’s me, I am his mother.”

“Ohh…It turned out to be Mrs. Chen,” Cai Ya Lan lightly said, “The child is injured in our house and I will be responsible for it.”

Seeing who was the kid’s mother, Shao Xian also couldn’t help staring at Mrs. Chen.

Could she be Chen Yu’s stepmother?!

Although he didn’t pay attention to gossip or Chen Yu, still he had heard a lot of buzzes related to it.

When Chen Yu was five years old, his father brought a stepmother to take care of him, but that stepmother didn’t come alone. She brought an oil bottle with her, the child seemed to be born out of wedlock.

But later, unexpectedly the oil bottle disappeared and the Chen family went bankrupt.

And the person who destroyed the Chen family was his favorite nemesis, Fu Bai Zhou.

If it wasn’t for Fu Bai Zhou’s brutal action, Shao Xian wouldn’t care about the affairs of a small family like Chen’s.

Initially, Cai Ya Lan only planned to send the child to the hospital with a helper, but Shao Xian wanted to accompany the child and she couldn’t bear to let him go alone, so in the end, she had to go too.

Along with them, Mrs. Chen, Chen Yu, and Qian Wen Jie came to the hospital.

Qian Wen Jie also wanted to follow Shao Xian, so Wang Shu Fen had no other choice but to let the driver take him to the hospital.

Inside the Shao family luxury car, the injured child was huddled in the back seat. He wasn’t able to open his eyes, so he looked more pitiful.

Shao Xian took a face wipe and helped the child to wipe off the cream on his face.

Seeing Shao Xian’s delicate care, Cai Ya Lan sighed in her heart. Her little son liked to show his teeth and claws, but he was a very soft-hearted child.

“What is your name??” Shao Xian used a tender voice to ask. 

Cai Ya Lan also raised her ears to hear.

After a long while, a fragile voice sounded inside the closed car, “Chen Bai Zhou.”

At this moment, Shao Xian had completely wiped off the cream from the child’s left eye. And a small tear mole was revealed under the child’s left eye.

Shao Xian abruptly stopped, and a guess suddenly exploded in his heart, his face full of immense disbelief.

Chen Bai Zhou also became keenly aware of Shao Xian’s stiffness, his eyes that were about to open and look at the person, were tightly closed again.

Chen Bai Zhou’s heart once again became silent and desolate.

He had long been used to that kind of treatment, as long as a person knew about his dirty identity, then he no longer wanted to play with him.

As if, even touching him would make them feel disgusted.

“I am sorry.” 

Chen Bai Zhou hurriedly curled up in the corner of the back seat, desperately trying to reduce the space he occupied, lest the person would become angry and beat him.

Shao Xian abruptly felt a great sadness. 

He had only heard about Fu Bai Zhou’s miserable childhood from others, but he never knew he was so miserable.

In his memory, Fu Bai Zhou was outstanding and indifferent, quiet and serious. A person who could often make others speechless during negotiations.

He looked completely different from the skinny child curled in front of him.

Fu Bai Zhou that he knew should be high-spirited and arrogant, not like this. 

Although he and Fu Bai Zhou were old enemies in the business world, it doesn’t prevent him from admiring this opponent’s strength.

“How old are you??” Shao Xian asked in a slightly tight voice.

He hurriedly wanted to confirm whether the kid in front of him was Fu Bai Zhou or not.

Before Chen Bai Zhou could reply, the car stopped and Cai Ya Lan’s voice sounded, “Xian Xian, we are at the hospital.”

After getting out of the car, Cai Ya Lan helped Shao Xian open the door and the driver took Chen Bai Zhou out from the other side.

The cars of the Qian’s family and Chen’s family followed them. 

Mrs. Chen also hurried over, with delicate makeup and a gentle look. 

She was about to take Chen Bai Zhou from the driver’s arms, but the child hid slightly, not daring to openly refuse her. 

“Uncle Fang, carefully put Chen Bai Zhou down. I will help him.” Shao Xian completely ignored Mrs. Chen’s movement.

As the old driver of the Shao family, he was relatively clear about many big and small things in the villa area.

A big family like the Shao family didn’t pay attention to a small family like Chen’s, so naturally, they didn’t know what kind of life the Second Young Master Chen lived.

But he and the driver of the Chen family were old friends. He knew of the Chen family differential treatment.

Shao Xian didn’t know his driver’s thoughts, so he lightly grabbed Chen Bai Zhou’s right hand and gently said, “Follow me.”

Chen Bai Zhou’s ice-cold heart jumped again, he struggled to open his uninjured eye to look at Shao Xian who was busy carefully holding him. 

At that moment, he realized his wounds didn’t hurt at all.

With an embarrassed expression, Madam Chen also followed them from behind.

Qian Wen Jie dragged his mother and angrily said, “Chen Yu is too much. How could he bully his younger brother?!”

Shao Xian, “…” 

Even if Shao Xian didn’t look back, he knew Mrs. Chen must be embarrassed.

Hearing Qian Wen Jie’s words, Wang Shu Fen immediately apologized to Mrs. Chen said, “Sorry, the child is ignorant and likes to talk nonsense.”

Mrs. Chen falsely said, “It’s okay.”



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