OEBSS: Chapter-6


“Don’t you like eating cake??”

“Eat it! I am giving it to you! Why don’t you eat it now?!” 

Not far away from them, a childish yet wicked voice faintly sounded followed by a series of other echoing voices.

“A bastard is really a bastard! He is shameless enough to even steal a cake!”

“Brother Yu told you to lick it!! Lick it!”

“Why aren’t you licking it yet? Are you looking for death, Bastard?” 

“You are dirty! If you don’t lick it clean today, mother won’t let you in, haha!!!”

“Quickly kneel and beg Brother Yu. Or I will make you kneel!!”

“Brother Yu, there is nothing to play in this garden, why don’t we just ride a horse??”

The earlier wicked voice sounded again, “Good, but there is no horse here, how can we ride it?!” 

“Brother Yu, what horse do we need? Isn’t a ready-made one present here??”

Hearing it, the other children snickered and stretched out their hands meanly to push the kid down on the ground. 

Clamoring him, forcing him to kneel on the ground like a horse.

The youngster’s head was covered with white, red and green whipped cream.

His one eye was so covered in cream that he couldn’t open it. And the other one was beaten blue and purple.

So, the child could only try his best to keep the injured eye half-open and look at the children who were pushing him.

He didn’t want to kneel, he wanted to resist, but he didn’t have any strength to struggle.

He hadn’t eaten anything for two days.

And now several children who were double his size were firmly pressing him to the ground. 

But the child’s bony back was still arched straight and high.

Tough, not easy to break.

“Brother Yu! Come and ride this horse!!” The children excitedly shouted.

It seemed like abusing others gave them huge satisfaction, they were cruel without knowing it.

Looking at the kneeling child, Chen Yu showed a nasty smile.

He stepped forward and stretched out his feet to step on the kid’s back. While stepping up, he even ground his foot hard on the child’s back and then moved to sit on him. 

When he was about to sit down, abruptly a shout came.

After following the angry voices in the garden, when Shao Xian came he saw that scene. 

It seemed that in the next second, he could hear the sound of the child’s spinal cord cracking under Chen Yu’s weight.

“What are you doing!?”

Shao Xian strode forward and hurriedly pushed Chen Yu away from the child’s back, his beautiful eyes full of anger. 

Shao Xian never knew that Chen Yu and the other children were so cruel and vicious.

“Shameless! You are shameless to bully the weak!!” Qian Wen Jie who came with Shao Xian also angrily cursed at others.

The children who were holding hands and kicking the child glanced at Chen Yu, and then glanced at Shao Xian, who was full of anger. 

For a moment, the children didn’t know whether to let go or continue.

The youngster on the ground was slightly shivering.

Looking at the pitiful child, Shao Xian’s anger soared once again, “Let him go!!” 

Shao Xian didn’t get angry easily, but once he got angry, his anger was much more bigger than Chen Yu.

Hearing the loud voice, the children became frightened and hurriedly let go.

This was Second Young Master Shao, they couldn’t afford to offend him.

“Wen Jie, go inside and call the adults now!” Shao Xian stared at those children with dark eyes and said, “You have lots of courage, you are actually bullying people in my garden. You are good! Now, don’t move and wait!”

Since he was known as a little bully, then let them all once again see how domineering he could act!

The garden suddenly became quiet, even the big bully Chen Yu lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak.

But in addition to fear, there was a little unwillingness and resentment in his young yet cruel eyes.

Looking at the heavily beaten child, Shao Xian bent down to help him.

But as soon as Shao Xian’s hand touched the child, the child couldn’t help shrinking.

“Don’t be afraid…I won’t hit you.” Shao Xian lowered his voice to soothe the child.

The child’s eyes were closed, and his head was buried in his arms. There was cream all over him, and his clothes were full of shoe prints.

The exposed arms of the child had many bruises and they looked terribly thin.

Shao Xian suddenly felt a little sour.

When he saw that the kid’s nasal cavity was blocked by the whipped cream, the kid was having difficulty in breathing, so he reached out and carefully wiped the cream off the child’s nose.

After cleaning the nose, he reached out to clean the cream-covered left eye of the child.

“Uncle and aunt, come!  See, over there!!”

From a distance, Qian Wen Jie’s childish voice suddenly sounded. 

Shao Xian paused in his action and turned around to look at them.

But he didn’t realize that the child who was on the ground had secretly half-opened his injured eye to look at him. 

The child carefully looked at the whipped cream on Shao Xian’s fingertips.


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