OEBSS: Chapter-26


When Chen Bai Zhou heard that he had to wake Shao Xian, he became very happy. 

He quickly stood up and ran upstairs, “Auntie, I’ll go right now.”

Chen Bai Zhou went upstairs and gently opened Shao Xian bedroom’s door.

The curtains in the room were drawn so tightly that no light could come in, so it was too dim to see clearly.

Chen Bai Zhou tiptoed and lightly walked to Shao Xian’s bedside. 

Seeing that Shao Xian was sleeping soundly, for a while, he couldn’t bear to wake him up.

Chen Bai Zhou stood beside Shao Xian’s bed and thought to himself— Shao Xian is very good-looking, the most beautiful person he has ever seen!

But thinking about Cai Ya Lan’s instructions, he felt a little distressed. Should he wake Shao Xian??

After a few seconds, he decided to simply buy more sleep time for Shao Xian.

Chen Bai Zhou ran to the bathroom, squeezed toothpaste for Shao Xian, and even took out the mouthwash. Then he ran back to the bed and softly shouted.

The person sleeping on the bed didn’t respond.

Seeing this, Chen Bai Zhou shouted again, in a slightly raised voice.

Still, there was no response.

Chen Bai Zhou pursed his lips, he had no choice but to reach out and push Shao Xian’s arm while shouting.

Shao Xian was dreaming about the day when he failed in his bid and took his assistant to the elevator angrily. 

When the assistant was about to press a button, Fu Bai Zhou walked into the elevator with someone.

He was about to ask Fu Bai Zhou to wait for the next trip, indicating that he did not want to take the elevator with him, but Fu Bai Zhou had already walked in.

Several assistants were standing in the front, and the two bosses were standing in the back. When the elevator went down one floor, the door opened, and someone squeezed in.

One of the assistants accidentally staggered back, causing Shao Xian to jump to the side to avoid being stepped on, and he accidentally bumped into Fu Bai Zhou’s arm.

At that time, Fu Bai Zhou reacted very quickly, he instantly stretched out his hand to support him.

Then he suddenly woke up.

Seeing a child standing beside the bed, who was staring at him, and busy lightly poking his arms with his small fingers.

“You’re awake!” The child’s face suddenly burst into a surprised smile.

Hearing this, Shao Xian turned his head to look at the alarm clock, ohh, he slept an extra ten minutes today.

“Thank you for waking me up, otherwise I will be late.” 

Thinking about his current situation, Shao Xian had a headache. He was only in the fourth grade, and he had to go back to school for more than ten years again.

Going through that experience again was really scary.

Can he skip grades??

While thinking about it, he went to the bathroom, closed the door, and started his morning routine.

Seeing the toothbrush with toothpaste and mouthwash prepared on the sink, Shao Xian was stunned for a moment, then burst into laughter, feeling a little warm in his heart.

There are really not many boys who would be so attentive and considerate.

Shao Xian quickly brushed his teeth, washed his face, and left the bathroom. 

He was about to thank Chen Bai Zhou, but he saw that the child had already disappeared.

Shao Xian simply put on his clothes, picked up a small school bag, and quickly ran downstairs for breakfast.

Seeing him hurriedly eating, Cai Yalan couldn’t help educating him, “Xian Xian, you are so old, you are not allowed to be late in the future. Xiao Zhou has been waiting for you so long.”

Hearing this, Shao Xian nodded again and again. He had decided to perform well and let his mother agree to skip grades next semester!

After breakfast, Shao Xian and Chen Bai Zhou got into the Shao family’s car and Cai Ya Lan also had something to do, so she went along with them.

When the car drove to the gate of the community, he saw Qian Wen Jie standing by the Qian family’s car and waiting for something.

“Xian Xian! Xian Xian! I’m here!” 

Seeing Shao Xian’s car, Qian Wen Jie couldn’t wait to run over and asked Mother Shao, “Aunt Cai, can I take your car?… I want to go to school with Xian Xian.”

Earlier he felt that he had made a mistake. How could he go to school together if he didn’t share the same car?

Seeing his idiot son’s behavior, Wang Shu Fen ran over with an apologetic face and uncomfortably smile, “Mrs. Shao, the child is ignorant, and has caused you trouble.”

Cai Ya Lan liked Qian Wen Jie’s lively personality and didn’t mind it at all. 

She gently smiled and said, “It’s okay, no trouble. If you have no worries, how about letting Xiao Jie and Xian Xian go together?”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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