OEBSS: Chapter-24


Shao Xian felt a little disgusted in his heart and turned to go upstairs with a cold face.

Regardless of whether Chen Chang Jian knew the truth about Chen Bai Zhou’s abuse or not, it was disgusting that he was willing to sell his stepson so openly.

Of course, Chen Chang Jian was a businessman, and it was impossible for him to do business at a loss.

Shao Xian wanted to treat people as sandbags. This was originally a matter related to the Shao family’s family education. 

If the Shao family played against him, he could blame them for suppressing people, and the Shao family wouldn’t publicize this deal.

So, without any hesitation, he sold his stepson. This deal wouldn’t affect him.

And if Shao Xian lied to him, just because he sympathized with Chen Bai Zhou, then he could use Chen Bai Zhou to build a good relationship with the Shao family.

What if Chen Bai Zhou hated the Chen family?? It was very easy to coax children. Who didn’t need his mother’s love??! 

After going back, he would educate Bai Mei Juan and Chen Yu not to beat Chen Bai Zhou in the future, but also to feed him well.

Chen Chang Jian’s calculation was good, and Shao Xian knew it well, but he didn’t plan to care about his small games.

When Chen Bai Zhou would become Fu Bai Zhou, he would deal with the Chen family.

When Shao Xian returned to the room, the child was still busy doing the questions seriously, and his expression was very focused.

Seeing this, Shao Xian’s eyes softened.

As long as he can, he will definitely protect Chen Bai Zhou until he leaves the Chen family and becomes Fu Bai Zhou.

After leaving Shao’s mension, Chen Chang Jian returned home. 

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Chen Yu rushing over in a hurry, with a bruised face that was full of grievances.

“Dad! Did you tell the Shao family to send Chen Bai Zhou back?” 

Chen Yu was unwilling to let his personal toy that he could beat and scold anytime be protected by others. And he was still waiting to avenge himself by beating that oil bottle half to death. 

He couldn’t beat Shao Xian and Qian Wen Jie, but he could kill that oil bottle. 

Bai Mei Juan was standing beside the sofa, trembling. She did not dare to directly look at Chen Chang Jian.

Neither she nor Chen Yu dared to tell Chen Chang Jian that Chen Yu had thrown a ball at Shao Xian which caused him to faint. 

Otherwise, Chen Chang Jian would not have behaved so relaxedly in Shao’s mension today.

“Second Young Master Shao said that Xiao Zhou will serve as a sandbag for him in the future…” 

Chen Chang Jian smiled and said, “Mei Juan, you have to feed Xiao Zhou well and not beat him all the time, in the future.”

“If you mess up with that kid, Second Master Shao will not be happy. Then how can our family cooperate with the Shao family?”

Bai Mei Juan, “…” 

I am afraid that we will never be able to cooperate then. Your son had knocked that person unconscious, can the Shao family put it down gently??!

But she didn’t say anything. 

In her opinion, there was no need for her to say anything at all in the Chen family. She just needed to be a rich wife.

Therefore, unknowingly Chen Chang Jian missed the only chance to apologize to the Shao family.

On the surface, the Shao family smiled and regarded peace as the most important thing, but in reality, like all rich families, they were super protective of their shortcomings. 

Shao Xian was the most favored baby of the Shao family, and the fact of being knocked down by the Chen family’s son would never be overthrown.

“Dad!!!” Hearing Chen Chang Jian’s words, Chen Yu was anxious. 

How could it be like this?! Could it be that now he can’t fight Chen Bai Zhou again in the future??!

An eleven-year-old child, he still didn’t know what it was like to be oppressed by power.

It didn’t matter to Bai Mei Juan, she was not a sadist, if it wasn’t for her survival, who would want to abuse their children??

Chen Chang Jian’s expression suddenly became solemn.

He seriously looked at Chen Yu and said, “I don’t care how you behaved in the past, but from today, as long as Second Young Master Shao is not tired of him, you will restrain yourself.”

After he finished speaking, Chen Chang Jian went upstairs to the study. So, he did not see the raging resentment brewing in Chen Yu’s eyes.

When Bai Mei Juan saw it, her back suddenly felt chills. 

To save herself, she hurriedly turned around and went to the kitchen, not even daring to look at Chen Yu again.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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