OEBSS: Chapter-23


After Chen Chang Jian found out about this event, his first reaction was not to feel distressed for Chen Yu, but to think about whether he could use Chen Bai Zhou to establish a relationship with the Shao family.

As for the Qian family, they were just nouveau riche, and he didn’t care much about them.

He knew that Chen Bai Zhou was often bullied. But coaxing a child was easy, not to mention that Bai Mei Juan was loyal to them.

If Chen Bai Zhou could make friends with Shao Xian, he didn’t mind being nice to him.

When Shao Xian went downstairs, he saw the look of calculation in Chen Chang Jian’s eyes. He has seen this look too many times in his life.

“Mom, who’s here?” Shao Xian pretended to be rude and arrogant. And directly sat beside Cai Ya Lan.

When Cai Ya Lan saw his expression, she knew what a bad idea he was thinking.

“Why are you behaving so rude? He is Xiao Zhou’s father, Uncle Chen.” Cai Ya Lan deliberately rebuked.

Shao Xian reluctantly said, “Ohh…Uncle Chen.”

Chen Chang Jian didn’t care about the child. He kindly smiled and said, “Second Young Master, please take care of Xiao Zhou.”

“Why don’t you take care of him??” 

Shao Xian rolled his eyes and indifferently added, “I just want to find a partner to fight. Seeing him being tough, I decided to make him my sparring partner.”

After speaking, he looked at Cai Ya Lan and said, “Mom, didn’t you say that you want to hire a martial arts instructor for me? When will he be available??”

Cai Ya Lan: “Xian Xian, Mother is searching for a good instructor for you.”

Little brat, when did I ask you to learn martial arts?

Hearing it, Chen Chang Jian’s mouth twitched and he uncomfortably smiled, “Learning martial arts is good. It’s good to keep fit, but what does Second Young Shao mean by sparring partner?”

Before answering, Shao Xian leaned on the sofa, glanced at him, and nonchalantly said, “Originally, I wanted to ask Chen Yu to be my sparring partner, but after beating him up I found that he was impatient…”

“Chen Yu cried and recommended Chen Bai Zhou as a sandbag for me. So, I had to reluctantly accept it.”

As he said, he seemed to think of something, and looking seriously at Chen Chang Jian he asked, “Uncle Chen, you won’t be reluctant, right??”

“Otherwise, I’d better go to Chen Yu, he seemed stronger than Chen Bai Zhou and looked more resistant to beating…”

“Shao Xian!” Cai Ya Lan raised her eyebrows, in an angry voice asked, “How do you talk?”

She gestured to hit Shao Xian’s arms.

Chen Chang Jian was busy being a peacemaker, “Don’t be angry, Mrs. Shao, they are all children. It’s okay to have a sparring partner. If Second Young Master Shao likes it, then let Xiao Zhou follow you.”

“But he’s too thin…” Shao Xian said with disgust. 

“If I beat him to the ground with one punch, what would I do? I think Chen Yu is better, but it seems Uncle Chen, you can’t bear it.”

Chen Chang Jian thought that the second young master of the Shao family was indeed a little bully, he was simply a spoiled brat! 

Do you really think that you are a prince?!

“And he has a lot of injuries, and I don’t want to kill with just a few sparring matches. But I can’t stop learning martial arts, right?” 

Shao Xian looked irritable as he said, “I heard Chen Yu say that Chen Bai Zhou is your family’s sandbag, and I’m happy to practice with him, but if he got seriously injured, I will have to find another…”

Hearing it, Chen Chang Jian became afraid. 

Before Shao Xian would mention Chen Yu again, he quickly said, “Second Young Master, don’t worry, in the future uncle will definitely raise Xiao Zhou to look fat and white. So, you can take him as a sparring partner.”

Shao Xian sneered, “Since he is my sparring partner, he can only be my sparring partner. I can’t let others play with him. I never share anything with others.”

“That’s natural! Second Young Master, don’t worry, he is yours!”

Chen Chang Jian thought that if Chen Bai Zhou behaved well as a sandbag, he could also speak in front of Second Young Master Shao. 

The boy Chen Bai Zhou had always been obedient. As long as he could help him establish a relationship with the Shao family, he would naturally treat him kindly in the future.

“Then, thank you, Uncle Chen…” 

Shao Xian arrogantly stood up and disdainfully said, “Chen Bai Zhou has to stay at my house for the next two days. I want to see if he can be beaten or not, otherwise, he will be returned.”

Chen Chang Jian smiled and said, “Then, I have to trouble Second Young Master Shao to take care of Xiao Zhou for a few days.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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