OEBSS: Chapter-21


In his last life, Fu Bai Zhou had graduated from a top international university and there was no possibility of buying a diploma from such an institution.

So Shao Xian did not believe that his grades would be poor when he was a child.

It was not that he didn’t think about the family reasons, but if Fu Bai Zhou couldn’t stand up on this matter, he wouldn’t be able to succeed in the future.

Shao Xian didn’t believe that, after ten years of humiliation, the child was just as simple and well-behaved as it seemed.

Hearing Shao Xian’s words, Chen Bai Zhou lowered his head and seemed to have received a great shock. 

He stood motionless, and after a few minutes, he slowly raised his head and said with a smile, “Well, I must study hard.”

Shao Xian touched his head, “Good.”

The June sun was a bit hot and a bit dazzling.

Chen Bai Zhou greedily looked at the person who was as beautiful as an elf in front of him, only to feel that his heart was pounding hard, and he couldn’t bear to open his eyes to look more.

A hand suddenly covered his eyes, he couldn’t see Shao Xian, and the burning pain because of the sunlight gradually disappeared.

“Fool, don’t you want your eyes anymore?”

Shao Xian’s soft rebuke flowed into Chen Bai Zhou’s heart, hotter than the sun.

“Let’s go, I will take you to your house to get your school bag, you will need it tomorrow.”

Shao Xian left without waiting for him to answer, Chen Bai Zhou, bent his lips and smiled.

When the two went to Chen’s house, Bai Mei Juan and Chen Yu were not at home. 

The housemaid opened the door, and Chen Bai Zhou went all the way to his room smoothly. He carried his schoolbag and planned to pick up some clothes.

The clothes were old and some even didn’t fit, but Shao Xian didn’t stop him.

After returning to Shao’s house, Shao Xian took Chen Bai Zhou to his room and was about to review with him, but Chen Bai Zhou suddenly walked to the bathroom.

Shao Xian thought that Chen Bai Zhou was going to the toilet, but the bathroom door was not closed, and the sound of the water was not right.

Out of curiosity, he walked into the bathroom and saw Chen Bai Zhou washing his clothes.

“You don’t want your hands anymore?” 

Shao Xian hurriedly walked over a few steps and took the clothes away from Chen Bai Zhou’s hands.

The clothes were dirty, and the soapy water dripped on the ground.

“Chen Bai Zhou, don’t you know that your nails are hurt?” Shao Xian’s face had turned dark, and he was really angry.

As the second young master of the Shao family, he had been used to having a smooth life since childhood. No one had ever dared to make him unhappy. 

The only person who gave him a tough time was Fu Bai Zhou.

Although that person was his old enemy, Shao Xian had to say that he admired him.

How much he admired Fu Bai Zhou, he couldn’t tell but Shao Xian couldn’t listen to others slandering him, only he could scold Fu Bai Zhou.

Qian Wen Jie often ridiculed him, saying that he was falling in love with a young boy.

Shao Xian didn’t think it was a love affair, he just thought that the confrontation with Fu Bai Zhou was very fulfilling.

As for those who were not qualified to play against Fu Bai Zhou, what qualifications did they have to judge him?

Now, a miniature version of Fu Bai Zhou was standing in front of him. Although his surname was Chen now and he was still extremely weak, he was already within Shao Xian’s group.

And he couldn’t tolerate Chen Bai Zhou being abused by others or even by himself.

Seeing his dark face, Chen Bai Zhou immediately felt extremely guilty and uneasy.

He murmured, “I’m sorry…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be doing laundry…”

“It’s not that you shouldn’t wash your clothes, it’s just that your hands are more important than washing clothes. Besides, there is a washing machine at home, so it’s not your turn to wash your clothes.”

After speaking, Shao Xian packed the clothes into the basin and planned to go in person.

The Shao family never raises a useless person. Although he was the second young master of Shao, he knew how to do things like this.

“I…I’ll take it myself!” Chen Bai Zhou hurriedly grabbed the basin.

Seeing that he was so anxious to cry, Shao Xian choked in his heart and involuntarily returned the basin to him.

It was said that people born with tear moles like to shed tears. 

In the past, he didn’t believe it, because Fu Bai Zhou was as cold as a knife, but now, he suddenly believed it.

Chen Bai Zhou, who was not yet become Fu Bai Zhou, had cried several times, right??

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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Thanks for the update ❤️ A good rival is a wonderful connection to have, I hope they still get to compete in this life time

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My poor bubu! TT^TT I hope you will be happy thanks SX!
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