OEBSS: Chapter-18


Doctor Zhang was the family doctor hired by the Shao family. He was in his forties, with a refined appearance wearing a pair of glasses. He looked kind and gentle.

“Uncle Zhang.” Shao Xian greeted him.

Qian Wen Jie and Chen Bai Zhou both called out with him.

Doctor Zhang nodded and in a coaxing tone asked Shao Xian, “Does the second young master still have a headache?”

Doctor Zhang was worried that Shao Xian would have a sequela after being kicked in the head by the ball a few days ago.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore…” Shao Xian replied, and pointed towards Chen Bai Zhou, “Uncle Zhang, check him.”

Hearing this, Doctor Zhang took a close look at Chen Bai Zhou’s swollen eyes, and asked a few questions.

After checking the injury, he said, “Don’t worry little one. It will be fine in a few days.”

Hearing Chen Bai Zhou’s eyes were fine, Shao Xian suddenly lifted the hem of Chen Bai Zhou’s clothes.

A thin body full of old and new marks came into everyone’s view.

Seeing the wounds, Doctor Zhang’s face suddenly turned cold.

Shao Xian asked, “Uncle Zhang, do you have any ointment for him? It hurts when he touches it.”

To tell the truth, Chen Bai Zhou’s injuries were not serious, they were more of an skin injuries.

And it would directly heal in a few days, but all those injuries and scars on the skinny little body, looked quite frightening.

Doctor Zhang also had children at home. If his own child was beaten like this, he would definitely fight hard to beat the other person.

However, it wasn’t his home so he didn’t ask much. He just carefully looked at the wounds that were caused by the hemp rope. 

The skin was harshly rubbed and broken, and there were still a few small blood marks on it.

Seeing the injuries, Qian Wen Jie also put away his excitement, carefully looked at Chen Bai Zhou’s injury for a while, and suddenly said, “Chen Bai Zhou, let me teach you how to fight!”

The other three people in the room were startled and looked at Qian Wen Jie at once.

Qian Wen Jie snorted coldly, “You are only a year younger than Chen Yu, so why let him bully you?? If he hits you, you hit him back, so he won’t dare to bully you again!”

Qian Wen Jie’s idea was simple but unrealistic.

Shao Xian patted Qian Wen Jie’s silly head, and was about to speak when he heard Chen Bai Zhou obediently answer, “Okay, thank you.”

Seeing Shao Xian’s confusion, Chen Bai Zhou pursed his lips and once again stopped talking.

He promised Qian Wen Jie not to learn and fight against Chen Yu, but to find an excuse to stay by Shao Xian’s side a little longer.

After all, Qian Wen Jie will definitely come and play with Shao Xian often.

“Children, I will put the ointment here…” Doctor Zhang gently said, “Second Young Master, then I will go back first.”

Shao Xian took two young attendants and went downstairs to send Doctor Zhang out, and was stopped by Cai Ya Lan.

“Xian Xian, bring your friend to drink some soup first and eat later.”

Shao Xian greeted the two of them. 

Qian Wen Jie rudely followed Shao Xian to the dining table, but Chen Bai Zhou stood blank at the same place. 

“Chen Bai Zhou?” Shao Xian turned his head and asked in confusion.

Chen Bai Zhou who was in a trance suddenly regained his senses and obediently moved to Shao Xian’s side step by step.

He had never eaten at the dinner table in the Chen family. 

The only time he sat at the dining table was the night when he had just entered the Chen family, at that time Chen Yu didn’t let him eat.

All the hard china plates smashed at him, and the food and soup drenched all over him.

That night, Chen Yu’s violence, Chen Chang Jian’s indifference, and Bai Mei Juan’s cowardness were vividly displayed.


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