OEBSS: Chapter-16


“Forget it, I will take you to wash.” Shao Xian said, holding Chen Bai Zhou’s hand.

Shao’s bathroom was big and clean. Chen Bai Zhou had never taken such a comfortable bath.

He was not very good at using showers and the geyser, and Shao Xian taught him by hand.

Anyway, Shao Xian had already seen his most embarrassed appearance, so now standing nak*d in the bathtub, Chen Bai Zhou didn’t feel ashamed at all.

Looking at the thin body covered with scars, Shao Xian felt distressed.

Shao Xian said, “You wash first, and I will find my clothes.”

In response, Chen Bai Zhou nodded obediently, and said, “Thank you.”

Chen Bai Zhou squinted his eyes and saw Shao Xian’s blurred figure walking out of the bathroom. 

Looking at the closed door of the bathroom Chen Bai Zhou wanted to cry again. But when he thought that tears would hurt his eyes, he tried his best to hold back.

Chen Yu often beat him, so see him crying and begging for mercy, but he never cried once. 

Every time when Bai Mei Juan gave him the cold shoulder, he never cried.

But he didn’t understand why Shao Xian was so kind to him, but he kept wanting to cry.

While crying, Chen Bai Zhou despised himself.

When Shao Xian came out of the bathroom, he saw Qian Wen Jie walking around in his room.

Shao Xian ignored him and went straight to the closet to find a set of clothes for the kid.

“Shao Xian, you like Ultraman too!…” With excitement, Qian Wen Jie said, pointing to all kinds of toys lying near the window. 

“I have these too, but they don’t seem as good as yours. You have a very good collection.”

Shao Xian, “…”

To be honest, he was not keen on these kinds of toys, but every time he went out shopping with his mother, she would pick these things for him.

“If you like it, I will give it to you.” Shao Xian casually said and went out after taking the clothes.

Leaving Qian Wen Jie standing dumbfounded there, as if he was hit in the head by a huge pie.

In the bathroom, Shao Xian carefully looked at Chen Bai Zhou’s blue and purple body, and couldn’t help but feel stuffy. 

Shao Xian put down the clothes and said, “Don’t wash for too long.”

When the bathroom door was closed again, Chen Bai Zhou closed his eyes, and his pale lips couldn’t help but smack into a smile.

When Shao Xian returned to his room, he saw Qian Wen Jie rushing toward him excitedly.

“Are you telling the truth just now?!”, Qian Wen Jie hurriedly asked.

“Why will I lie to you?” Shao Xian took out a box from the cabinet and handed it proudly to Qian Wen Jie and said, “You can take it back whichever you like.”

Shao Xian was too generous, which made Qian Wen Jie shy.

“It’s embarrassing…or can I take this, this, this, and this!”

Shao Xian glanced at him, and thought, are you really so embarrassed??

However, in Shao Xian’s mind, the two have been best friends for many years, and he didn’t care about these little toys at all.

“Up to you.”

Qian Wen Jie instantly dragged him and started chatting with him about the exciting scene of Ultraman fighting the little monster.

Shao Xian didn’t remember about it at all, so he just responded lightly beside him.

Neither of them heard the sound of the bathroom door being opened.

Chen Bai Zhou stood at the door of the bathroom, wearing clean clothes that exuded a fresh smell.

Looking at Shao Xian and his friend talking, Chen Bai Zhou did not dare to intervene between the two for a while.

They communicate really well.

Shao Xian’s friends should be like Qian Wen Jie. He was just a bastard whose father was unknown. 

How could he be worthy of being his friend??

As Chen Yu said, Shao Xian just sympathized with himself.

But so what?!

Chen Bai Zhou clenched his hands tightly. He didn’t expect to be Shao Xian’s friend, as long as Shao Xian would be willing to let him follow.


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Thank you for the update ❤️ Looking forward to Bai Zhou improving his self esteem

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Aaaah, that’s do sad! Little bubu, go on and chase your happiness! I will keep my fingers crossing for you! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
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