Loving My Rival’s White Moonlight [LRWML]

Shen Qing Huan has always known that her boyfriend had a ‘white moonlight’ in his heart. A beautiful and considerate person whom her boyfriend’s friends and family always praised. But no one had told her that this white moonlight of her boyfriend’s also had a white moonlight in her heart…

Married To The Male Lead's Paranoid

Married To The Male Lead’s Paranoid Uncle [MMLPU]

When Shi Yin woke up, she found herself transmigrated inside the book. She had become the weak female lead who was abused by the male lead and later committed suicide while being pregnant. Shi Yin pointed to the male lead’s uncle, who was terminally ill, and said, “I want to marry Young Uncle Cheng Yuan!”

She Wants To Divorce Me [SWTDM]

After waking up Ji YaoGuang found out that she had returned to the day of her and Chang Yu’s divorce. Ji YaoGuang didn’t want to sign the divorce agreement and divorce her beloved wife.

Old Enemy Became Sweet And Sticky [OEBSS]

Shao Xian had returned to his childhood and found his old enemy who was miserable. He wanted to personally train his enemy, so that when his enemy grew up then he wouldn’t think of fighting against him. Surprisingly, this old enemy turned out to be sweet and sticky after being taken care of by him. The only problem with this sweet little enemy…

Old Wang Doesn't Want to be Tragic

Old Wang Doesn’t Want to be Tragic [OWDWT]

Only after Wang Zhao Mou’s death did he find out that he was just a supporting male character in a Mary Su book. Wang’s group, which he had worked hard for more than twenty years, went bankrupt overnight…

Transmigrated Into The Villain’s Younger Sister [TIVYS]

Unknowingly, Shen Yu transmigrated into a dog-blood romance novel. She was the unfortunate cannon fodder, and her adopted brother was the big BOSS villain in the novel. After transmigrating, Shen Yu tried and conspired to destroy the relationship between the BOSS villain and the White Lotus…

Wedding Pet

Wedding Pet [WP]

Lin Xing Qing had to marry a woman whom she didn’t know very well but to save her father she agreed to get a marriage certificate with her.

The Group Pet Villain is Three and a half Year Old

The Group Pet Villain is Three and a half Year Old [GPVTYO]

The characters who have been bullied and humiliated in the parallel world are all blackened after rebirth…

Dressed as the Ex of the Blind Villain

Dressed as the Ex of the Blind Villain [DEBV]

He Guan had become a white moonlight of the scumbag hero in a yaoi novel. In the earlier stages, he was abused…