The Rich Little Stepdad [RLS]

After rebirth, Fang Li knew that this world in the comic-world. And although he was a decent and able person, against Yue Wenxi and his brothers, Fang Li was mere cannon fodder. This time, Fang Li was determined to get his revenge, so he worked very hard to marry the adoptive father of Yue Wenxi and his brothers, Yan Mo Yao…

Old Enemy Became Sweet And Sticky [OEBSS]

Shao Xian had returned to his childhood and found his old enemy who was miserable. He wanted to personally train his enemy, so that when his enemy grew up then he wouldn’t think of fighting against him. Surprisingly, this old enemy turned out to be sweet and sticky after being taken care of by him. The only problem with this sweet little enemy…


The Transmigrated Li Jin’s Daily Farming Life [TLJDFL]

When Li Jin crossed to this strange world, he came to know that his ‘wife’ was in a child’s birth. When he entered the room, he noticed that his ‘wife’ was a man!!!

This Male Was Forced To Support His Family

This Male Was Forced To Support His Family(Zerg) [MWFSHF]

Gu Yu, the shame of a famous Zerg male, only had a lifelong dream to be a rice worm who only ate and waited for death.


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