XX: Chapter-5

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT Pei Ji An knew that Li Chao Ge was from the mortal world, but still, for some reason, this woman had comprehended a lot of immortal skill.  This woman could fly over the walls, exorcise demons and kill hundreds of people in a single move.  It was because of her …

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OEBSS: Chapter-6

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT “Don’t you like eating cake??” “Eat it! I am giving it to you! Why don’t you eat it now?!”  Not far away from them, a childish yet wicked voice faintly sounded followed by a series of other echoing voices. “A bastard is really a bastard! He is shameless enough to …

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OEBSS: Chapter-5

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT The birthday banquet was to be held at noon.  After breakfast, Cai Ya Lan specially selected new clothes for Shao Xian and looked at him wearing them with great satisfaction. “Why is my baby so cute?!” Cai Ya Lan said while wanting to come over and kiss him again. Listening …

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