MUMSPB: Chapter-2


When Mu Qing Lan entered the formation at Beisong Mountain, she was in a very good mood. She was going to marry her sweetheart.

The cold wind and snow rolled into the bridal sedan chair along the gap of the carriage, and the pervasive cold made the disciples outside the carriage unbearable. They began to wear extra clothes.

But Mu Qing Lan, who was only wearing a thin wedding dress, seemed to have no such feelings at all.

“Miss Mu, we have entered Beisong Mountain. The wind is cold, so add some more clothes. After walking for about a day, we will arrive at the Heavenly Sword Sect. It will be fine after we enter the mountain…”

“There are barriers in the Heavenly Sword Sect. The great formation keeps the cold at bay.” The attendant knocked on the sedan chair door and send a fox fur cloak in.

Mu Qing Lan didn’t say a word in response, she just pulled the cloak inside but didn’t put it on herself.

She was not cold at all, she was full of hot blood!

The closer she was to the Beisong mountain, the more she couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to actually meet Huo Jue. 

She was dying to know what expression would Huo Jue use to face her. She had heard that he had lost his eyesight, so if he touched her face, he could imagine her appearance, right?!

She admitted that she was no uglier than the young lady of the Mu family, Mu Wan Ran.

As the distance shortened, Mu Qing Lan was getting nervous. She was biting the back of her hand anxiously and expectantly.

After all, she was not the eldest lady of the Mu family. Although the two families had a tacit understanding, would Huo Jue dislike her??

What should she do if he didn’t like her and refused to share the bed with her??!

It’s not okay to sleep in different beds! She had even thought of the name of their children.

She finally got the Mu family to choose her to marry Huo Jue. Was it easy to find a mother who was blind and could be used as a threat against her?

Mu Qing Lan anxiously and sweetly suffered for a day, and finally arrived at Heavenly Sword Sect. 

When the sedan chair car entered, it was already the fifth day of marriage, and it was getting dark outside.

While sitting in the sedan chair, Mu Qing Lan thought it was so late, wasn’t it a bit late to pay respect and enter the bridal room?

She had to consider Huo Jue’s current body, would he get sick after all this trouble??

The sedan chair finally stopped, and Mu Qing Lan’s nerves were as tense as a string.

She waited for Huo Jue to pick her up to complete the wedding rituals, but she waited and waited, but she never heard anyone coming from outside.

People should have notified Huo Jue as soon as they entered the mountain. 

It shouldn’t take so long…

It really shouldn’t take so long. Huo Jue had already received the news that the bride had arrived.

But in the entire Beisong Mountain, except for the red sedan car, there was no joyful thing at all, not even a piece of red silk was hung.

In his room, Huo Jue was sitting in a wooden wheelchair at the moment, fiddling with a crossbow in his hand.

His eyes were covered with pure white silk, and the beautiful lips under the bridge of his handsome nose were pale in color.

Even though there was a stove not far from him, he still felt a chill creeping deep into his bones.

He was very thin and was wearing snow-colored fox fur, which made him look even weaker. 

His long raven hair was half scattered on his shoulders, and his face was pale like a snowman as if he was about to melt and disappear. 

That high-spirited appearance of the leader of the Heavenly Sword Sect had long gone.

His spiritual platform was like a bamboo basket with water leaking from all sides, unable to mobilize even a bit of spiritual energy.

And the fatigue caused by the decline of his immortal body was making it for him hard to even sit still.

Huo Jue frowned slightly and listened to someone entering the door.

Outside the door was one of Huo Jue’s only surviving subordinates, named Qu Shuang.

Qu Shuang came in to report, “Young Master, the wedding sedan has arrived.” 

Hearing this, Huo Jue, hands paused for a moment, then tilted his head slightly and ordered, “Place her in the Mythical bird Pavilion.”

“Don’t set up any restrictions, give her a secret order to go down the mountain…” 

Huo Jue added, “If she wants to run, no matter what, don’t stop her. And give her the medicine of the puppet voodoo, and then let her go.” 

Huo Jue was not prepared to have a relationship with her and each other like a husband and wife.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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