MMLPU: Chapter-6


Just when Meng Ran tried to call and coordinate with the organizers, a jet black car halted next to them.

Then from the driver’s seat, Zhou Si Yang got out and walked over to Shi Yin, who was sitting bored wearing a black fisherman hat, and asked, “Yin Yin, is something wrong with your car?”

Hearing that voice, Shi Yin suddenly raised her head and stared at the man. It turned out, whenever the heroine was in trouble, the hero would come to rescue her, just like a god with a  body full of light!!

But thinking about what this hero did in the original novel, Shi Yin instantly felt that this person was truly a scumbag.

And all the holy light she had imagined, when she first saw him, suddenly disappeared.

Oh, man!!!

“The car broke down…” Shi Yin calmly said, “If I didn’t arrive timely at the shooting location, then I may have to pay all the liquidated damages.”

Zhou Si Yang’s lips slightly raised and he flicked on her forehead and in a little helpless tone said, “Isn’t I am here? You fool!”

Shi Yin raised her eyelids and stared at him, thinking this man was too much.

Fortunately, she had already known the tragic life of the heroine in the original plot otherwise she would have been influenced by his beautiful charm!

Shi Yin smiled gratefully and in a raised voice said, “Really?? That’s great. Thank you for your help!”

After speaking, Shi Yin called out to Meng Ran in a loud voice.

“Brother Ran, quickly come here!! The problem is solved!!!”

Hearing Shi Yin’s words, Meng Ran hurriedly hung up the call and walked over. 

Seeing that it was Zhou Si Yang, Meng Ran politely greeted him, and then listened to Shi Yin’s words, “Brother Si Yang said he will help us!!”

Suddenly Zhou Si Yang showed a look of pity, and with a bit of embarrassment, he said “Umm… there is only one seat vacant in my car.”

Zhou Si Yang’s meaning was quite clear. Shi Yin and her entourage were a total of four people, and he could only give a lift to one person.

Wasn’t it also obvious that he could only take Shi Yin to the studio!?

Meng Ran understandingly smiled and in a polite tone said, “It’s okay. Young Master Zhou should send Shi Yin first.”

As a last resort, Shi Yin could only take her bag and get into the thief car which already had two men in there excluding Zhou Si Yang.

Those two were sitting in the back seat, needless to say, one was Tang Ming Chen, the famous prince of the magazine that Shi Yin was going to shoot, and the other one was Luo Yan Chuan, a rich second generation.

After sitting in the passenger seat, Shi Yin politely greeted them.

When Zhou Si Yang got out of the car and didn’t come back in a few minutes, the two men had somewhat guessed that it was Shi Yin who was ahead.

Sure enough, they were right, Si Yang really brought the girl over.

So when Shi Yin got in the passenger seat, they were not too surprised.

Explaining them, Zhou Si Yang said, “Shi Yin’s car broke down, and we are also going to the same studio, so I gave her a lift.”

Tang Ming Chen hummed, and glanced at Luo Yan Chuan, and quietly asked him, “Do you believe it?!”

In response, Luo Yan Chuan indifferently smiled, and with a cigarette in his mouth, he said, “Do you think I will believe it?”

Listening to their conversation, Zhou Si Yang hurriedly stopped them.

“The girl you are talking about is still here, don’t you be too casual?? And don’t smoke, after arriving you can find a smoking area and then smoke. No one will care about you.”

“Ohhh…” Luo Yan Chuan raised his eyebrows but still extinguished the flame.

“Your behavior is like this before even getting married, so protective?”

“Really!” Tang Ming Chen also agreed to it.

Shi Yin blinked her eyes innocently and instantly clarified.

“The two young masters, please don’t make fun of us. Brother Si Yang and I are like brothers and sisters.”

Hearing Shi Yin’s clarification, Zhou Si Yang couldn’t help but feel angry. 

Was she so eager to distinguish her relationship with him?!

Since the time Shi Yin confessed her feelings for his uncle that day, he had never seen her. 

She stopped stepping into the door of Zhou’s house.

Zhou Si Yang, who had always been pestered by her, felt a little bored. He was used to having a little follower, following behind him, and now suddenly she left him, he felt a bit unaccustomed.

Zhou Si Yang couldn’t tell what kind of emotion he was feeling but he was suddenly feeling uncomfortable with a life without her.

Even when he went out to meet his old friends, everyone was surprised to see him come alone, so they curiously asked him.

“Hey, where is your little follower, Master Zhou?”

“Why didn’t Sister Yin Yin come today with you?”

He didn’t know how to reply to them.

Could he say, he seemed to be dumped by that little girl?!

He doesn’t want to face them anymore! How will he mix with them in the future??

The more Zhou Si Yang thought about it, the angrier he got. 

Looking at her happy appearance, and thinking that she only stick to him every day, to have more chances to meet her uncle, he was seething.

He was actually misled by a little girl!



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1 year ago

You really don’t know what you have ynless you lost them, huh. Welp. The little guy should start practicing to call her aunt. xD