MMLPU: Chapter-14


Shi Yin didn’t dare to act sloppy at all. If something went wrong with Zhou Cheng Yuan, Mr. Zhou would definitely kill her.

Originally, Zhou Cheng Yuan could stand up by himself. After all, he was not sick for a day or two.

It was not that he was disabled and couldn’t walk. It was just that his body was too weak to support itself.

But everyone still treated him like a handicapped, and they were extremely cautious about dealing with him, for fear of hurting his emotions.

If this was the case, then he could simply be disabled.

At the moment when Shi Yin held his hand, Zhou Cheng Yuan’s eyes flashed with light and his mouth hooked up with some delight.

Yin Yin wanted to protect him.

This was something he couldn’t ask for.

Zhou Cheng Yuan didn’t refuse her and willingly cooperated with her, holding her hand, and letting her carefully support himself.

The two of them slowly sat down on the swing together.

The wheelchair was a bit in the way, so Zhou Cheng Yuan asked Chen Meng to push the wheelchair away.

Chen Meng understood what the boss meant, so after pushing the wheelchair away he did not return.

After safely sitting on the swing, Shi Yin held the iron chain that fastened the swing seat in one hand, and the other hand firmly held Zhou Cheng Yuan’s hand.

She didn’t dare to withdraw her hand.

After all, she had “liked” him for years, and was about to get married. It seemed normal to hold a hand, right?

For a long time, they slowly swing without speaking with each other.

Shi Yin felt that the silence was a bit weird. So just as she racked her brains to find some common topic, her shoulders suddenly sank.

Shi Yin’s body froze, she mechanically turned her head, looking at the man who was peacefully sleeping on her shoulder.

Seeing that, Shi Yin cried without tears.

Shi Yin blinked and softly called him, “Uncle Cheng Yuan?”


“Zhou Cheng Yuan??”

After shouting several times, the person still did not respond. Shi Yin felt a little relieved. 

She wanted to pull her hand back from his palm, but this person’s grasp was really tight. He had tightly clasped her fingers.

Shi Yin quietly put in a lot of effort but failed, so she simply gave up.

“Ohh…” she sighed and looked at Zhou Cheng Yuan, who was peacefully sleeping, and said with a little regret, “It’s a pity, such a handsome man, and only three months are left.”

As she finished speaking in a regretful tone, she looked away, so she didn’t see the eyelashes of the man sleeping on her shoulder trembling slightly.

In the next second, Zhou Cheng Yuan suddenly felt something strange crawling on his face.

Shi Yin took out the eyebrow pencil and slowly showed her makeup skills on Zhou Cheng Yuan’s face.

Zhou Cheng Yuan, “…”

Is his Yin Yin so naughty?

It looked like he had to discipline her well in the future.

As soon as Zhou Si Yang got home, he saw his grandfather standing at the door of the backyard, and he seemed to be happily enjoying the scenery.

Zhou Si Yang thought for a while and wondered what kind of beautiful scenery there was in the backyard that could make the old so happy.

So he walked over, and then saw…

Shi Yin was busy taking a picture of the young uncle with her mobile phone, and while sneakily taking a picture, she smugly covered her mouth with the hand holding the eyebrow pencil.

And his sick little uncle had fallen asleep by Shi Yin.

Zhou Si Yang instantly moved his eyes away, pursing his lips almost invisibly, and then he frowned. 

He noticed that on Zhou Cheng Yuan’s left and right face three horizontal lines were drawn by Shi Yin, like a cat’s beard. 

Even a small black mark was drawn on the tip of his nose, and the word “king” was written on his forehead.

Oh, it was not a cat but a tiger.

Seeing that, Zhou Si Yang’s face turned cold.

With a smile, Grandpa Zhou said, “Look, how good their relationship is. Others won’t dare to treat Cheng Yuan this way, and Cheng Yuan will not let others treat him like this.”


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4 months ago

Goodness, she’s so naughty lol

Thank you for translating this. It’s pretty interesting so far.