LRWML: Chapter-6


As the leading restaurant in the imperial capital, ‘Mo’ not only had top-notch dishes but also had top-notch confidentiality. 

There was a separate elevator leading to the top floor.

Shen Qing Huan arrived earlier, she had developed this habit after running through the crew all year round.

Since she had agreed to this blind date, she would naturally take it seriously.

Shen Qing Huan was wearing a limited-edition white suspender dress from a niche fashion brand named Serendipity, which recently became popular.

The dress had hand-embroidered shoulder straps, a sunflower overlapped under the colorful butterfly. The dress enhanced Shen Qing Huan’s temperament.

However, this dress wasn’t selected by Shen Qing Huan, but by her mother.

Shen Qing Huan frowned, thinking of her mother’s hopeful words. 

“Serendipity means meeting an unexpected joy. Mother hopes that you are always happy.”

“Happiness?” Shen Qing Huan slowly shook the wine glass while contemplating something.

After a while, a bit of irritability flashed through her eyes.

Shen Qing Huan stopped shaking the wine glass and turned around to open her purse. She took a palm-sized book out from her purse and held it firmly.

The book was a fairy-tale book, and the author’s name written on the side was ‘Strawberry’.

The cover looked a bit old, but the corners of the book were not bent, indicating that this old book was well protected by its owner.

Shen Qing Huan just randomly opened the book from the middle and started reading. 

Gradually the irritability in Shen Qing Huan’s eyes slowly dissipated.

“Miss Shen.”

Hearing the cold voice, Shen Qing Huan came out of the fiction world. She subconsciously raised her head and her sight hit the man who called her.

The man’s narrow eyebrows were hidden behind the gold-wire-framed glasses and he had a pair of natural affectionate eyes, but there was no emotion in the bottom of those eyes.

Those eyes were indifferent like ice.

With just a glance, Shen Qing Huan knew that this man was a kind of person who was extremely difficult to get along with.

Shen Qing Huan didn’t like Pei Qing Ya, who would like someone who had snatched her boyfriend. 

But she had to praise Pei Qing Ya’s eyesight, the white moonlight of her heart was indeed extraordinary.

If this man was in the entertainment industry, he would be at the top. No wonder Pei Qing Ya had him in her heart for so long.  

The moment Jian Fan sat down, the corner of Shen Qing Huan’s mouth hooked into a suitable arc.

“Mr. Jian.”

Jian Fan nodded.

The smiles of the two were indifferent and polite.

They were both speechless, and no one knew how to take the initiative to start the topic.

For a whole, the scene was silent and awkward.

Yuan Meng, the male secretary, was standing behind Jian Fan. Yuan Ming was relatively familiar with his boss’ temperament who cherished his words like gold.

For someone like his boss, it was even more difficult to take the initiative to start a conversation.

Although he didn’t know Shen Qing Huan, according to his investigation, she was also a silent beauty.

The two dull gourds had come together on the blond date, it was estimated that there would be a stalemate.

However, Yuan Meng also felt his boss’s behavior was strange.

His boss couldn’t participate in a blind date. He had already refused the old man, but why did he change his mind in the end and come here?

Yuan Meng couldn’t figure it out.

Shen Qing Huan was also surprised. Although she had agreed to come on this blind date, she knew that the chances of the other party coming were less than 10%.

Even if her family had saved Patriarch Jian.

But Shen Qing Huan never thought that Jian Fan would agree to come on this blind Y for this reason.

After all, Jian Fan’s name had reverberated through the circle of the North and South business giants.

Although after becoming Xu Group leader, Xu An went crazy to expand the territory, he worked only within the network circle that he was familiar with, and most of the time he still relied on the Xu Group’s reputation that was accumulated through many years.

Xu An’s working style was similar to his personality, moderate and conservative.

But Jian Fan was different, his style of action came from his indifference and iron-blooded method, he was good at pioneering new territories through his adventurous ventures. 


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