LRWML: Chapter-5


The Jian family was the top of the four imperial giants in the capital.

Therefore, the news that the master of the Jian family had almost passed away shook the whole country.

“If it wasn’t for Xiao Shen, you wouldn’t be able to see the old man at this time.”

“This time, your blind date is my savior’s daughter.”

“This old man’s life should be worth a short trip.”

The old man half-jokingly said in front of Jian Fan, but the last sentence had a bit of compulsion in it.

Jian Fan poured out the tea leaves from the teapot, then used the bamboo tweezer to put some new tea leaves into the teapot. Then he slowly poured the water into the pot and made a new cup of tea.

The whole process took a few minutes, Jian Fan was slowly thinking in the process.

After closing the tea lid, Jian Fan raised his eyes and said calmly.

“A trip just because of a life-saving grace?”

The old man took the porcelain teacup and laid back on the chair slightly. He rubbed his hand on his temple twice and softly spoke.

“Little Shen’s family is from Nancheng.”

Nancheng is the richest place in the south.

The old man thought of something, and his eyebrows darkened.

“You know Jian’s family inside and the outside situation in the capital. If you want to stand against those then you have to gain a strong foothold in the Jian’s group. This blind date won’t harm you.”

The old man spoke so far, and both of them knew the situation well.

Entanglements because of interests and alliances because of political marriages were very common in a wealthy family like them. 

In big families like them, true love was nothing but a trick to deceive others.

After hearing the real purpose of the date, Jian Fan still didn’t speak, and the old man was used to his silence.

In the old man’s opinion, this was the simple and traditional method. There was no reason to disagree with this arrangement.

Jian Fan would figure this out.

But after drinking the tea when Jian Fan got up to leave, the old man mentioned that ‘blind date’ again, Jian Fan stopped. 

He slowly pushed his glasses up, and with narrow eyes, and a cold expression without fluctuating his voice he spoke.

“That was what you meant, not me.”


‘Mo’, the famous restaurant in the capital, was known as a golden spot for dating couples in the upper class of the city. It was located in the elite area of the capital, with a very high housing price. 

Wearing a big hat and sunglasses, Pei Qing Ya was tightly draped. She was talking on the mobile phone with Xu An Shen in the parking lot of Mo’s.

“Qing Ya, sorry. I did the booking too late. I wasn’t able to book the top floor. I can only book the 17th floor. Next time, I will compensate you. Just tolerate it for this time.” Xu An Shen apologized in a slightly annoyed mood.

The top restaurant like ‘Mo’ was supported by several big forces from behind. The largest shareholder of this restaurant was the Jian family.

Therefore, even someone like Xu An Shen had no privileges in booking here, he had to book in the queue honestly.

Xu An Shen was also slightly puzzled. When he asked to book the top floor, the restaurant manager grinned mysteriously at him and shook his head. The manager said that he couldn’t disclose the customer’s private information.

But looking at the restaurant manager’s excitement, Xu An Shen was deeply concerned.

Before every time the restaurant manager saw him, he would just keep his behavior polite and indifferent.

“An Shen, it’s okay. I can eat anywhere. I just want to meet you.” Pei Qing Ya’s soft voice interrupted Xu An Shen’s thoughts.

Xu An Shen heard Pei Qing Ya’s soft voice, his heart seemed to collapse a little. He felt a little sorry for Pei Qing Ya.

If this was replaced by Qing Huan…

For a moment, Xu An Shen was startled. He suddenly recalled that he had never taken Shen Qing Huan on a date to a high-end restaurant.


Xu An Shen’s thoughts got distracted by the sound of the broken glass, only to realize that the server beside him had accidentally broken the wine glass.

Xu An Shen frowned. 

Xu An Shen didn’t have much fondness for Shen Qing Huan, how could he unexpectedly think of her in this situation?

Shen Qing Huan and Pei Qing Ya weren’t comparable.

Thinking of Pei Qing Ya, Xu An Shen’s eyes were filled with happiness again.

No matter what, he only needed Pei Qing Ya now.

Others, it didn’t matter to him.

Xu An Shen was afraid that Pei Qing Ya would notice some abnormality, so he quickly asked a few questions.

But after asking those questions, there was again a short silence on Pei Qing Ya’s side.

“Qing Ya? Qing Ya?”


Pei Qing Ya’s voice sounded a bit sluggish, mixed with a little panic.

“Qing Ya, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Xu An Shen asked with deep concern.

“No… it’s okay. I was just looking for the parking space.”

“An Shen, I will hang up first. And, I will go up in a few minutes.”

As soon as she finished, Pei Qing Ya hung up the phone in a hurry, while staring in one direction with shocked eyes.

Pei Qing Ya was standing at the exclusive parking entrance of a VIP parking lot. Just now, she saw a car going inside.

Looking at the car, Pei Qing Ya’s breathing stopped.

Not because the car was looking rare and luxurious, but because of the indifferent person sitting inside it.  

Was that… Jian Fan???



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1 year ago

Crying and throwing up rn. Wish I found this when it had 30+ chapters

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Loll let’s suffer together in waiting