LRWML: Chapter-4


In the capital, the summer was ending and the rainy season had arrived.

“The rain in the north does not have the beauty of the charm of the south.”

An elderly man with gray hair wearing a navy blue silk Tang suit stood by the glass window, looking at the rain droplets, and spoke with a little bit of regret in his eyes.

A soft sound of tea pouring came from behind.

“If you want to visit the south, you can bring Uncle Zhong with you, after all, before…” the woman slowly replied.

Before she could finish speaking, the old man turned and glanced at the woman who was standing in front of the tea tray. 

Even though the man was old, he had a pair of eagle eyes. Looking at the old man, the woman’s heart trembled, and she subconsciously avoided his eyes.

“Jian Si.” The old man called out.

Jian Si replied, “Grandpa.”

The old man glanced at the tea that was made by Jian Si.

The tea smelt fragrant and looked superb.

But the old man looked at Jane and slowly said,  “You have to take the tea-art class again.”

Jian Si’s back stiffened, she lowered her eyes, and the trace of guilty conscience appeared.

“Patriarch, the young master is here.” A servant’s voice sounded from outside the room.

Hearing that, the old man’s sharp face slowly looked relieved.

“Come in. Jian Si, you should go back first.”

“Grandpa, I…”

The old man looked at Jane, and asked, “Something else?”


As Jian Si stood up to leave, the door of the room opened from outside.

With wide shoulders and long legs, a well-defined man wearing gold wire-framed lenses on the high nose, and indifferent eyes came inside.

Jian Si peeked at the man, but the man didn’t seem to notice her. Without giving her a look, he walked straight to the window.

Jian Si lowered her voice and with a smile said, “Just in a few days, my brother has forgotten me?”

Jian Fan stopped walking and while still looking ahead, he said, “Jian Si, you should meet Ning Yu?”

“Who is he?”

“A well-known ophthalmologist in the capital. I think you should visit him.”

In an indifferent tone with little sincerity, Jian Fan gave his advice.

The old man’s face showed a rare smile on his face. And Jian Si’s face instantly turned white with anger. She was just about to attack back but after looking at the old man, she suppressed her anger.

When she turned and went out, she stomped her high heels on the wooden floor, as if she was venting her anger on the floor.

The old man picked up the tea, made by Jian Fan and said, “Usually, you talk so little in front of me. As I turn around, you use satire on people.”

Holding on to the teapot, Jian Fan lowered his eyes and said, “It wasn’t a satire, I was just reminding her.”

The old man frowned, recalling when Jian Si had thrown Jian Fan’s pillow and bedding from the balcony, saying that she didn’t have a brother like Jian Fan, so let him leave.

At that time, the young boy looked the same as now with no expression on his face.

There was no panic, fear, or sadness on his face. He calmly and indifferently watched Jian Si’s frantic behavior, without any reaction.

Without knowing when Jian Si’s arrogant behavior gradually weakened. By the time she corrected herself, Jian Fan had grown into something that she could only fear.

The old man glanced at Jian Fan whose figure was slightly hidden in the mist created by the tea.

Jian Fan’s eyes were indifferent, without any emotional flaws, like a stone Buddha without any feelings.

The old man smiled slightly and in a tone filled with satisfaction said, “You are looking more and more like me.”

Being indifferent and ruthless was the character of Jian’s family.

Jian Fan didn’t reply but still kept pouring the tea. 

While taking a glance at the outside rain, the old man said, “This Sunday, you have to spare some time in the afternoon, to go on a blind date.”

The old man eloquently started speaking without giving Jian Fan any time to refuse.

“You already knew, a few days ago I had a heart attack while I was climbing.”

“I know.”

Looking at the age spots on the old man’s hand, Jian Fan twisted his eyebrows and pressed his thin lips slightly. After a while, he looked away.



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