LRWML: Chapter-14


When Pei Qing Ya read those comments, the corner of her mouth was pressed down. She instantly turned off Weibo in annoyance.

Pei Qing Ya suddenly seemed to think of something, and her brows stretched slightly.

He did not bring a female companion to the charity dinner, nor did he buy any collection that a woman could use.

Jian Fan hadn’t changed, he was just the same as before.

She couldn’t get it, and neither could anyone else.

Pei Qing Ya slowly put down the phone, and her dark pupils stared at the lily pattern on the wall. Her gentle and kind eyebrows seemed to be slightly crazy and stubborn.


[Remember, remember! Don’t disclose our relationship now!]

[Neither can you say it to your family!]

[Also, don’t buy me any antiques for the sake of face and politeness. They are all flashy things. I don’t want it to be deducted from my salary.]

In the marriage contract, there was a clause between Shen Qing Huan and Jian Fan—

If the two parties gave each other things that they didn’t like, they would be liquidated and returned, but if the other person liked it, they would have to buy the gift of the same value in return.

Recently, Shen Qing Huan had been a little excited for some reason, and even the plain messages sent to Jian Fan have become a lot more lively.

The charity dinner was gradually coming to an end. 

The European geometric lights on the ceiling were dimmed, and in places where the light was not touched, men and women leaned on different white circular sofas and shook their cups.

Although it looked like a celebrity feast from the outside world, for the participants, in addition to talking about interests and getting to know people, the other things were more or less boring.

A person of Jian Fan’s status did not need to buy any items, but he still watched the entire charity dinner with all his attention.

But there was something a little different today. For example, he seemed to have been watching his mobile phone for a while.

“Jian Fan, you seem to be quite relaxed recently.” A condescending female voice sounded.

With Jian Fan’s status and wealth, even if it was such a celebrity feast, he was the only one sitting in the central position of the ring-shaped sofa.

Because of Jian Fan’s reputation as the “Flower of High Mountain” only a few women dare to meet him in public.

But this woman was different.

Jian Fan slightly raised his eyes, glanced at the person, and said nothing.

Jian Si, who had come to show off her power, was stuck. What she hated most was Jian Fan’s light and breezy look.

It seemed that everything she did was just like a jumping clown in his eyes.

But not this time.

Jian Si clenched her hand while holding the foot of the champagne glass and haughtily raised her chin.

“On the bright side, you and I know it well, something that’s mine will sooner or later be mine.”

Jian Si dared to show her “fangs” in front of Jian Fan because the shareholders who supported her faction had already got half of the support in the shareholders’ meeting this month.

Which directly meant that she was now on an equal footing with Jian Fan.

Jian Fan now depended more on his grandpa’s support. As for herself, many shareholders were supporting her.

It was not that Jian Fan’s ability had any problems, but his delay in getting married was the problem.

He didn’t even have a female partner around her. Over time, there were people who were interested in guessing whether Jian Fan had any problems in that regard.

Factional battles were also inheritance battles.

The most important thing in inheriting the company was to be able to pass it on to the next generation.

If Jian Fan had any problems, he would be disqualified just at the first battle of this war.

The solution was also very simple. Either Jian Fan issued a doctor’s certificate regarding his healthy body or get married…

Jian Fan attached great importance to personal privacy and this path was absolutely impossible for him.

And for the second option, he could find a female partner, at least to temporarily stop everyone’s suspicion.

But Jian Fan didn’t want to do this either.

On the other hand, Jian Si said that she could hire a son-in-law and the child’s surname would be Jian. That helped her secure the shareholders’ vote.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Jian Fan squinted at Jian Si, who was fascinating and behaving majestically in front of him. 

There was no wave in his eye. After a while, he slowly said, “Jian Si, delusion is a disease.”

Hearing this, Jian Si was taken aback. After reacting, her face turned red with anger, “Sick? Maybe in the eyes of shareholders, you are sicker than me.”

“…If you have the ability, go find a female partner to prove it.”


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