LRWML: Chapter-13


The little secretary who put the coffee in felt that his boss and Shen Qing Huan were a little weird.

Shen Qing Huan came from a wealthy family. Even if she didn’t make money, she would never have to worry about money all her life.

But just now Shen Qing Huan’s tone gave the little secretary the feeling that she seemed to have a great obsession with money.

This obsession was not about being a rich man’s wife who wanted to prove her ability, but as if she really desperately needed a lot of money.

Shen Qing Huan didn’t seem to want to speak anything more about this matter.

Fortunately, after Jian Fan listened to her words, he didn’t ask too much but instructed the little secretary to prepare the contract.

As for the content of the contract, the two people who were sitting still and had a harmonious atmosphere just now tasted a bit of gunpowder.

“Holding hands once, one million. One hug, two million. Kisses and the others…” 

Hearing it, the little secretary’s eyes widened. He looked at Shen Qing Huan as if he saw a money-robbing gangster.

Shen Qing Huan slowly held a coffee cup and smiled, “Although I am acting, I am also being taken advantage of. So, this acting fee is not too much.”

“It doesn’t necessarily matter who takes advantage of whom…” The little secretary murmured as he looked at the stern face of his boss.

His boss looked calm, and the little secretary didn’t know what Jian Fan actually meant.

Similarly, Shen Qing Huan also didn’t know.

Moreover, she had one of the most important conditions that still needed to be added.

Shen Qing Huan decided to put it forward all at once, “The last one, if either of us falls in love with the other and does not want to let go or who wants to marry the other, then the person has to pay the other hundred million dollars as liquidated damages.”

Shen Qing Huan was a very organized person. She strived to make the contract as restrictive as possible in all aspects.

The first point was just decoration, and the latter one was the key point. Shen Qing Huan was worried that Jian Fan would use her thoroughly, and eventually form a political marriage with her.

But she was unwilling to live in a political marriage all her life, so she added this point.

After Shen Qing Huan finished speaking, Jian Fan was still silent.

As the silence stretched, Shen Qing Huan was a little surprised. It was possible that Jian Fan really had such thoughts.

For a while, Shen Qing Huan was on guard.

At the next moment, Shen Qing Huan raised her eyebrows and decided to urge him, “Are you afraid?”

At that time, Jian Fan was sitting by the window, in the afterglow of the setting sun. 

The eyes behind the cold glasses flashed. He slowly raised his eyes, and calmly said, “Liquidated damages shall be changed from hundred million dollars to full net worth.”


Champagne glasses are swaying, and celebrities are shining.

The first hot search on Weibo was about the entry of a charity dinner.

The real-life stories of wealthy people seemed to arouse the curiosity of people who want to sit and gossip.

Just click on one, and the simplified and traditional high-definition photos could be seen at a glance sending the Weibo into the fryer.


[That’s right, he’s the noble son. He could kill a bunch of TV drama actors in one shot!]

[Let’s find out about Emperor Jian’s family, you will love him even more after you understand, sisters.] 

[Unfortunately, he is too low-key. Hate Fan Fan for being too rich! Why use the exclusive channel? Why have a private jet?!!]

[Woo…Fan Fan, it’s a shame that you do not enter the entertainment industry!]

[Fanfan can earn much more than the entertainment star’s salary in one day. Let him continue to shine for the advancement of human science and technology!]

[That…It’s okay to find a celebrity girlfriend, so I can see Fan Fan beauty every day.]

[What! Don’t you see Pei Qing Ya’s went back home…]

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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