LRWML: Chapter-12


A beauty like Pei Qing Ya, couldn’t make Jian Fan’s heart tempted, he even didn’t seem to remember her. 

Shen Qing Huan was boastful of her appearance, but seeing her makeup ruined by the sweat, she felt stuck.

“What? Beauty??” Jian Fan put down the pen, closed the document, and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

His faint eyes moved behind the glasses as if looking at Shen Qing Huan.

Perceiving the look on Jian Fan’s face, Shen Qing Huan’s embarrassment deepened and she quickly tried to change the subject.

“It’s nothing, let’s still say…”

The word “business” hadn’t been spoken yet, and the simple and traditional tone sounded in my ears.

“Well, you are indeed a beauty.”

Shen Qing Huan was stunned for a moment and stared at Jian Fan whose eyes looked indifferent yet serious.

Jian Fan was seriously complimenting her.

Shen Qing Huan was a sensitive person.

When she met the dog couple today, although they didn’t say anything, she could clearly feel Pei Qing Ya’s sense of superiority after seeing her embarrassment, and Xu An Shen’s seemingly disgusting dislike.

Seeing the serious look, Shen Qing Huan’s eyes flashed, and the cool fingertips seemed to warm up a little.

“But don’t worry. Don’t take it seriously.”


Shen Qing Huan ground her molars in anger, quickly let go of the strange feeling she felt just now, and continued.

“Since the prerequisites have been agreed upon, I don’t know if Mr. Jian wants to ask anything.”

“You can ask first.” Jian Fan folded his hands on the table in a posture of listening respectfully.

Shen Qing Huan pursed her lips slightly, “Why did you change your mind?”

He rejected the proposal inexplicably and then accepted it inexplicably.

It seemed that Shen Qing Huan was more curious than his little secretary.

Jian Fan simply replied, “Because, I need it.”

Shen Qing Huan nodded.

Although the answer was quite unsatisfactory, it was indeed the most reasonable answer she could think of.

After weighing the pros and cons, Jian Fan still believed that maintaining a superficial relationship with her was in his best interests.

Maybe something happened in Jian’s family, and it might put pressure on him.

Thinking about it this way, Shen Qing Huan felt that her “partner” was having a good time in Jian’s family.

But Shen Qing Huan didn’t know that after she left, Jian Fan never received a call from Jian’s family.

He just saw one thing left by Shen Qing Huan on the dining table, and his icy eyes paused for a moment.

He watched quietly for a while and then, he dialed Shen Qing Huan’s phone.

“This is Miss Shen’s stuff, please take it.” Jian Fan pushed a rectangular object in the direction of Shen Qing Huan.

“When did I drop this??” Shen Qing Huan’s tone was surprised and annoyed, and she quickly picked up the thing.

Shen Qing Huan touched the shiny metal bookmark.

There was nothing on the back.

On the front, there was embedded handwriting of “To Teacher Strawberry”.

This bookmark was made by Shen Qing Huan. Although it wasn’t expensive, it had a different meaning to her.

Shen Qing Huan carefully clipped the bookmark back into the fairy tale book and was about to continue discussing the next step of “deep cooperation” between the two.

She suddenly saw Jian Fan’s dark eyes staring at her movement, as if in a trance.

But Jian Fan quickly withdrew his gaze, and the scene just now seemed to be an illusion.

Shen Qing Huan was puzzled, but the business matter was the most important thing right now.

“Mr. Jian, maybe we should draw up a contract first.” Shen Qing Huan put forward a point.

In this world, the cold contract paper was the bridge to maintain the trust between the parties.

Jian Fan nodded, and said, “Before this, I also have questions that I want to ask you.”

As he said that, the respected secretary suddenly knocked on the door and came in with two cups of coffee in hand.

The tip of Shen Qing Huan’s nose moved by the aroma and she instantly felt happy. She nodded and motioned Jian Fan to continue.

The little secretary picked up a cup of coffee and was about to pass it to Shen Qing Huan when Jian Fan’s indifferent voice sounded.

“What is your aspiration?”

Shen Qing Huan, “…”

Leaving aside what Shen Qing Huan thought about herself, she glanced at the little secretary next to her whose hands almost shook, hearing the question.

At first, this sentence was the catchphrase of a talk show, but later it was gradually abused by netizens and became a symbol of stubborn talk.

Obviously, the two modern people inside the room, Shen Qing Huan and the little secretary know about it. 

Hearing the question, the eyes of the two collided and they smiled as reaching a strategic tacit understanding.

However, Jian Fan the traditional man, who did not know much about modern slang, didn’t seem to realize it.

Shen Qing Huan joked, and said, “It’s so formal. Why?? Do you want me to forward you my Weibo?”

Hearing it, Jian Fan, an elderly player frowned slightly, perhaps thinking about the relationship between aspirations and Weibo.

Afterward, Jian Fan changed his rhetoric and asked, “In addition to wanting revenge on Pei Qing Ya and Xu An Shen, what else do you want?”

Jian Fan’s indifferent tone made Shen Qing Huan embarrassed to joke more, so she seriously answered, “Yes, to make money.” 

She said in a serious tone, it was just the answer…didn’t seem to fit her identity.


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