LRWML: Chapter-11


Xu An Shen noticed the smudged eyeliner on Shen Qing Huan’s face, it looked like she had cried.

He was startled.

Remembering that Shen Qing Huan would never come to such a high-end restaurant, nor did she wear such fitted clothes.

She preferred a simple and casual style, which was very different from Qing Ya.

She looked like an angel…

No…what was he thinking, there was no better-looking woman than Qing Ya in this world.

Xu An Shen quickly let go of that strange thought.

Shen Qing Huan should have known that he was coming here, so she specially dressed up to meet him. Xu An Shen’s eyes instantly became complicated.

After thinking for a moment, Xu An Shen sighed and said, “Shen Qing Huan, let’s talk alone.”

Shen Qing Huan knew with Xu An Shen’s strange brain circuit, he must have thought something badly.

Just as soon as she was about to fight back, the phone in her hand rang suddenly

Shen Qing Huan lowered her eyes, glanced at the screen call, and then paused.

A few seconds later, she slowly raised her eyebrows lightly and curled up her lips curled.

While smiling like a flower, she answered the phone with a lazy and reckless voice, “Dear…”

In Xu An Shen’s memory, Shen Qing Huan didn’t like to laugh much. Even if it was a smile, it was just a faint smile, more like a cold and non-humane smile.

Not like now, a lazy and coquettish smile. 

He never seemed to have seen Shen Qing Huan smile like this. And this smile was given to another man.

Xu An Shen paused, and some inexplicable emotions flashed through his heart, but when Pei Qing Ya’s aggrieved voice appeared in his ear, it instantly drew his attention back.

“An Shen, Miss Shen hates us. Maybe…we shouldn’t be together.”

Xu An Shen quickly squeezed Pei Qing Ya’s hand, and in a distressed voice said, “Qing Ya, don’t think about it. I have no nostalgia for Shen Qing Huan. What does she think about us does not affect us? Being with you is the happiest time of my life.”


“It’s nothing, don’t think about it.”

Xu An Shen sincerely confessed and Pei Qing Ya’s eyebrows slowly stretched, and the two became sweet again, but Xu An Shen didn’t pay attention, so he didn’t notice that Pei Qing Ya’s seemed distracted.

Pei Qing Ya had accidentally seen the caller ID on Shen Qing Huan’s screen.


Just one word made Pei Qing Ya’s mind messed up. There weren’t many people who had the name “Fan”.

Today, she seemed to have seen Jian Fan twice.

Was this just…a coincidence?

Jian Fan’s immortal appearance suddenly flashed through Pei Qing Ya’s mind.

Indifferent and noble.

Pei Qing Ya’s eyes unconsciously dimmed, but under the dimness, there were a few strands of unwillingness.

“Qing Ya, what do you want to eat tonight?” Xu An Shen asked.

Hearing Xu An Shen’s inquiry, Pei Qing Ya returned to her senses and replied at will.

Thinking of the distracting thoughts just now, she slightly laughed.

What was she thinking?

In this world, no one could be with Jian Fan.

And didn’t she just give up following him for this reason?!

“So…you are promising to be with me?” Shen Qing Huan stroked her hair and slowly asked.

The two of them were not in the “Mo” now.

Before Shen Qing Huan could hang up the phone, she was already taken to another place by someone arranged by Jian Fan.

The place was simple, cold, and full of technology – this was Jian Fan’s office.

Jian Fan seemed to be a person who attached great importance to privacy. 

Jian Fan started his career in technology, and the office suits his preferences very well.

The large wall-mounted display screen surrounding three sides of the room impressed Shen Qing Huan in particular.

Jian Fan paused while holding the pen studded with diamond.

After a moment Jian Fan said, “Otherwise, I feel sorry for the name you gave me.” 

Jian Fan looked up and gave a succinct reply.

Hearing that, Shen Qing Huan’s earlobes turned slightly red.

She wasn’t a particularly emotional person, nor was she proficient in speaking intimate words.

When she was with Xu An Shen, the most intimate address she called out was “An Shen.”

The previous boldness was just to irritate Xu An Shen.

Shen Qing Huan cleared her throat and slowly said, “You don’t have to take it too seriously.”

Although Jian Fan was unlikely to take it seriously, there was no guarantee, especially when he suddenly changed his mind this time.

Even Jian Fan’s male secretary couldn’t help but marvel. This was the first time he saw his boss change his decision and also be so patient while dealing with someone.

“Afraid of me taking it seriously?”

“I’m not afraid of it, after all…” Shen Qing Huan just wanted narcissistically raise her chin, but she suddenly caught a glimpse of the liquid foundation remaining on the back of her hand when she wiped the sweat before.

Just by imagining, she could know how embarrassed she looked now, so she stopped boasting. 



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