LRWML: Chapter-10


Just as Shen Qing Huan was examining Pei Qing Ya, Pei Qing Ya was also examining Shen Qing Huan.

She knew Shen Qing Huan. The substitute Xu An Shen had found.

Although her facial features weren’t bad, it looked like her makeup taste needed to be improved.

Pei Qing Ya looked at Shen Qing Huan’s mottled makeup and gave a low evaluation.

By the way, she felt completely safe. Pei Qing Ya has filled up with pride again.

The eyes that looked at Shen Qing Huan showed some sympathy and slight guilt, and she called, “Miss Shen, what a coincidence!”

Pei Qing Ya took the lead in breaking the deadlock, with more of a generous appearance.

In contrast, Shen Qing Huan, who didn’t reply for a long time, looked petty. 

After seeing Shen Qing Huan, Xu An Shen’s body tightened. 

Xu An Shen had never done anything to be sorry for others, but for her, he was really sorry.

Therefore, when Shen Qing Huan’s gaze fell on his overlapping hand with Pei Qing Ya, he subconsciously hid it.

But seeing Shen Qing Huan ignoring Pei Qing Ya, Xu An Shen frowned unconsciously and seriously said to Shen Qing Huan.

“Qing…Miss Shen, Qing Ya is talking to you.”

Xu An Shen’s voice sounded gentle but his words were full of reproach.

The scene was raw and dazzling.

Shen Qing Huan still seemed to remember the previous time when one of Xu An Shen’s friends was drunk and said something bad about Pei Qing Ya. 

Xu An Shen almost choked him and threatened to completely cut off the friendship.

And she also seemed to remember that when one of his friends previously disliked Shen Qing Huan’s background, Xu An Shen just smiled and told Shen Qing Huan not to care about those jokes.

After a while, Shen Qing Huan slowly withdrew her gaze and chuckled lightly.

“True, it’s a coincidence.”

“Not only dating the same boyfriend but also at the same time.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Shen Qing Huan could clearly feel the consternation in Pei Qing Ya and Xu An Shen’s expressions.

Among them, Pei Qing Ya had the greatest reaction.

Regardless of her career or her image, she didn’t want to have such a stain on her life.

Shen Qing Huan’s words seemed to have torn a hole and caused Pei Qing Ya to recall that absurd time.

But she…she also had her own difficulties.

She didn’t want to be a third person. She just wanted to talk to Xu An Shen at the time.

The alcohol caused the disaster, and everything went out of control.

Although this result indirectly hurt Shen Qing Huan, it wasn’t her intention, and she couldn’t be labeled as “Little Three”.

How could someone like her become a junior, or intervene in other people’s feelings?!

Just blame it on alcohol, it wasn’t her problem.

Pei Qing Ya’s eyes flickered, her weak eyebrows widened, looking slightly pale and innocent as if she had never thought Shen Qing Huan would say such a thing.

“Miss Shen, I think you have misunderstood. The matter between us wasn’t what you thought.”

“What happened at the time wasn’t our intention. We never thought about hurting you. Besides…leaving someone who doesn’t love you is good? Isn’t it?”

Pei Qing Ya’s soft voice fell like a white lotus.

For a moment, after hearing Pei Qing Ya’s words, Shen Qing Huan wanted to laugh angrily, she even wanted to clap her hands, and she did just that.

And with the applause of “Papa”, Shen Qing Huan sneered, and said, “Without morals, anything can happen.”

“Miss Shen, you…how…”

“Shen Qing Huan, show some respect.”

The weak eyes of the white lotus stared at Shen Qing Huan in amazement, as if she had suffered so much harm. Xu An Shen, as the licking dog couldn’t control himself.

From “Miss Shen” to “Shen Qing Huan” he went down very fast, taking a step forward, Xu An Shen hurriedly hugged Pei Qing Ya.

Shen Qing Huan twisted her eyebrows together but didn’t give in. She directly looked at Xu An Shen.

Xu An Shen wanted to scold her, but those words got stuck in his throat unconsciously.


He couldn’t say it.

The more magnanimous Shen Qing Huan looked, the more guilty Xu An Shen’s conscience was.



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