LRWML: Chapter-1


The crew members from large or small production houses would celebrate their new year together in this city.

As usual, this new year too several crews came to party here, and all the five-star hotels were occupied by them.

A low-budget suspenseful drama like ‘Ideal Township’ which was made with only the cost of a few million dollars was finally able to grab a four-star hotel. It was only because of the investor who had a good relationship with this hotel’s CEO.

As the crew finished shooting for the last scene of ‘Ideal Township’. The Director who liked to save money at every turn unexpectedly called Spa Services for the main actors and actresses.

He even called a well-known spa service in the industry, whose professionals were “flying” from the capital.

Those who knew him felt that the Director couldn’t do this without any benefit, there must be some inside story in this.

Xiao Xiao was the best professional with the highest charge in the industry. While carrying a metal toolbox and a standard smile on her face, she gently knocked on the hotel room door.

Seconds later, a white long hand that still had a few drops of water opened the door.

As the door completely opened, Xiao Xiao saw a figure wearing a bathrobe and still wiping the wet hair using a towel came into her view.

She was startled because the person in front of her was the legendary example of ‘real people look better than photos’, and that too without any makeup. 

“Come in.” An alienated lazy voice called.

 Xiao Xiao smiled and followed the woman into the door. It was a two-bedroom room with and a small bathroom.

Overlooking the small place, Xiao Xiao said, “Miss Shen, I am a Spa professional. Do you want a massage outside or inside?”

“Miss Shen, do you want to choose the essential oil in advance or later? Your assistant can tell me about the things that I should pay attention to…”

A burst of laughter sounded in the room, halting her words.

Wearing the hotel’s disposable slippers and Shen Qing Huan walked to the Spa bed. She took off the towel from her neck and placed it on the cushion and sat there lazily.

“Don’t be troublesome, I don’t have an assistant. If you want to ask something, ask me directly.”

With a professional smile, Xiao Xiao said, “Okay, then let’s start.” 

Shen Qing Huan nodded and leaned back on the bed.

“Ms. Shen, your skin is so healthy.” Halfway through the spa treatment, Xiao Xiao signed and said.

Xiao Xiao has received many important guests, celebrities, and others. This type of luscious skin was only seen in upper-class ladies. A skin that was carefully nurtured by careful observation and good treatment. 

The rich ladies who have been pampered since childhood have more delicate skin than those of the new female celebrities who spend a lot of money on their looks.

Ling Xiao Xiao didn’t expect that a new celebrity like Shen Qing Huan would have such tender skin, smoother and more delicate than the rich ladies she had encountered before. 

“Umm…” Shen Qing Huan groaned faintly in response. She seemed a little sleepy. 

Even though Qing Huan didn’t hear the compliment, she smiled.

Xiao Xiao subconsciously applied a little force, and the place where she pinched turned a little red.

She was a little surprised and felt a little funny. Obviously, this lady had tender skin but no rich background.

No wonder…she could only be a canary raised by some rich person. 


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