JN: Chapter-3


Hearing his master’s words, Sui Feng was stunned. He rubbed his ears stupidly, and said, “What did you say?”

Wei Zan suppressed his smile and repeated it. He impatiently tapped his knuckles on the table twice and said, “It’s just a sentence, you can’t even remember it.” 


Sui Feng’s expression changed from bewildered to shocked, he finally gave his master a strange look, swallowed his saliva with his head down, and slowly replied, “…Remember. “

After Sui Feng left, Wei Zan thought about Shen Yuan’s reaction after hearing his words, he laughed first.

He was thinking about how the little sick man was doing now.

“…He has been woken up by twenty army sticks. He misses you to the bone, and wants you to quickly go back home.”

Hearing this, everyone present trembled in unison.

Shen Yuan’s scalp tingled.

Shen Yuan looked at Sui Feng, trying to see if there was any cheating in those words or were those words used to threaten him.

Sui Feng himself was terribly confused by his master’s behavior. 

When the young master said this, his expression was half true and half false, with a bit of bad intentions, so he could see what it meant.

Shen Yuan and Sui Feng looked at each other for a while.

The room was dead silent.

It was Shen Yuan who spoke first and said, “Brother Sui Feng.”

Sui Feng bit the bullet and said, “Yes.”

Shen Yuan hesitated for a moment, but finally asked in a low voice, “The military sticks of our Wei mansion…doesn’t it hit him on the head?”

Well done Wei Zan, how could he go crazy just after a few days of effort?

When Shen Yuan returned to Hou’s mansion in the evening, Wei Zan didn’t rush to meet him.

He was afraid of scaring people, so he tossed and turned like pancakes all night, and went to school early the next morning with dark circles under his eyes.

There was no morning class going on, and Shen Yuan was not in the same class as him.

However, he saw a few old friends from the past gathering together to play chess. 

The leader was Tang Nan Xing. When he saw him, he called, “Second Brother Wei, you haven’t been here for a few days, but those nerds are getting arrogant…”

“A few days ago, there was a rumor that His Majesty was coming to inspect the school, and everyone was trying their best to show off.” 

Wei Zan, the little prince, was well-known and had many followers. Wherever he went, there would be a bunch of people cheering and huddling behind him.

When he was in prison and wanted to give up, it was Shen Yuan, who told him that there are still some people who miss him. It was his friend, the surname Tang. 

Shen Yuan said Regardless of your misery, for these people, you have to live and climb up.

At that time, his legs were broken and he had experienced the pain of bereavement and was almost morbidly tortured by suffering. 

Wei Zan was angry hearing his encouraging words. At that time he said, “Shen Yuan, if I get up, I will beat you first.”

Shen Yuan looked at him for a moment, and softly said, “Okay.” 

“…If you get up, I’ll let you beat me.”

Those words were still ringing in his ears.

Wei Zan closed his eyes and opened them again, only then did he feel that everything was real.

Tang Nan Xing was still young at this time, and he still looked like a little fool.

He leaned over and laughed at him, “Second Brother Wei, Is your ass blooming?!”

Wei Zan glanced at him and said, “Your butt has bloomed.”

Tang Nan Xing smiled and said, “Pretend, you can continue to pretend. Who doesn’t know that Marquis beat you to death because you scolded Shen Yuan…”

“For the sake of a brotherhood, I will help you beat him up today.”

Wei Zan stopped him.

Seeing this, Tang Nan Xing said, “Second Brother Wei, when did you have such a good temper?”

Wei Zan didn’t bother to talk, he went down the slope and asked, “Shen Yuan is here today?”

Hearing this, Tang Nan Xing winked and mysteriously said, “He went to the classroom early in the morning, but he was taken away by those two people from your family…”

“You just have to wait and watch the fun. Right.”

Wei Zan’s complexion instantly darkened, and he immediately sensed something was wrong.

Wei Zan hurriedly asked, “Which two?”

Tang Nan Xing replied with a smile, “Which two…just your two brothers. They just came here and called him out—now I don’t know if they have avenged you.”

Wei San and Wei Si, he let him go out yesterday.

He vaguely remembered that these two people had never done good things in school. They must have started to mess up again.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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