JN: Chapter-1


The sun outside the window made the people feel lazy.

Wei Zan was lying on the couch, reading a letter while facing the sun.

The letter was written three years before the day when the person sitting on the emperor’s seat changed, and the Wei family was overthrown. 

And three years later, the person who would get him out of prison was the person he detests the most.

The sick seedling living in the Wei family, Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan was two years older than him, but he was frail and sickly, with a wandering background, so he lived in his home. 

Although Shen Yuan was born with a good talent and appearance, he was always jealous of him, and daily opposed him.

He envied him for his athletic pursuit, youthful spirit, and countless followers who followed him. He envied that he was born into a noble family, protected by his parents, and didn’t know the suffering of common people.

When Shen Yuan was older, he was jealous of him for serving the country and making great contributions. 

Wei Zan was young and beautiful, with a wanton romantic persona. In fact, he also came into contact with Shen Yuan on a whim.

At that time, he saw Shen Yuan wrapped in a white fur coat, reading a book softly by the lakeside.

Shen Yuan’s voice was so good that even though he wasn’t interested in those words, he casually asked what they meant.

After asking, he regretted it.

The sick man lightly glanced at him and his tone turned cold, as he said, “Young Master, can’t you even understand this? I think it’s really a waste of his reputation.”

Wei Zan who had never been disdained by anyone, quickly retorted, “You know everything, right? If you are so capable, why are you still staying at our house??”

At that time, Shen Yuan’s face looked very embarrassed.

His eyes turned red as he stared at him, but he finally lowered his head with his lips pursed, and the roots of his ears had also turned red because of the embarrassment.

After winning against Shen Yuan, Wei Zan walked away.

Since then, an enmity was formed between them.

Wei Zan really knew how much Shen Yuan hated him. He was so jealous of him that his face turned grim when he looked at him. He wished that his body would be cut to pieces and he die without a place to bury.

Wei Zan was the young master of the Wei family. Shen Yuan’s narrow-mindedness has nothing to do with him. 

But later after Wei’s family was overthrown, Wei Zan lost everything, even his brothers and family members left him to avoid trouble.

The person who carried the disabled him out of the prison was Shen Yuan.

It was Shen Yuan who daily boiled the medicine for him and saved him from death.

It was also Shen Yuan who almost lost his life to save him.

At that time, his legs could no longer walk, and he was like a useless person, but Shen Yuan was a young and energetic champion of the imperial examination.

For the first time, Wei Zan actually felt jealous.

At that time, he smashed the bowl of medicine and harshly said, “Shen Yuan, why did you save a crippled man? Just to laugh at me??”

“Or to see that I am as embarrassed as you were in the past?!”

After roaring, he angrily stared at Shen Yuan. 

Hearing those words, the man with a straight back wearing bright embroidered robes froze for a second. Shen Yuan didn’t have the slightest tenderness towards the patient, just sneered and said, “Yes, feng shui takes turns, and Wei Zan, you also have a day like today.”

“Have fun.” 

The words were like a sharp spear, they poked each other’s rotten wounds.

Looking at the broken mess on the ground, Shen Yuan got out and broke the bowl even more thoroughly.

At that time, he didn’t know that Shen Yuan was also implicated by the Wei family’s downfall.

His uncles and brothers avoided it, to save themselves from trouble. 

But there was a sickly Shen Yuan, who was originally the top scholar in the imperial examinations, but his career was ruined because he chose to stand with him. 

Later, Shen Yuan could only try his best to make suggestions and instructed him to take back the military power step by step, and he even followed him to the battlefield with his half-dead body.

Enduring the harsh battlefield to help him take his revenge, but slowly his body became weaker day by day.

Wei Zan once asked him why did he help him.

Shen Yuan gave him a cold look, and said, “You are a cripple, just take care of yourself.”

He was having a hard time at that time, but for some reason, he laughed out loud because of this sentence.

He turned his head to look at Shen Yuan’s pale and tired face. He looked no longer youthful, but he still had a kind of toughness, supporting his frail and sick body, making him look awe-inspiring.

Wei Zan looked at him for a while, and finally said with a smile: “Sick man, I really regret fighting with you.”

If he had known today, he wouldn’t have wasted those youthful years on such insignificant emotions.

But who would have thought that it would be possible to do it again….

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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