Jealous in Nature

Jealous in Nature (Rebirth) [JN]

Alternate Name: 妒烈成性[重生]

Author: Xing Shangxiang

Genre: Ancient, Romance, BL

Total chapters: 104 Chapters

Translator: qqBob


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The young master Wei lived for twenty years, and the person he couldn’t see clearly was his sworn enemy Shen Yuan. 

When he was surrounded by glory, Shen Yuan was jealous of him, and always hated him. But when he fell down and had nothing left, Shen Yuan tried his best to save him. He even laughed at Shen Yuan for this. 

“Shen Yuan is a narrow-minded person, and some people can only be insulted by me.” As Shen Yuan said, he even spent half of his life paving the road for his revenge. 

Once reborn, Wei Zan returned to his boyhood. He was still the high-spirited young master of the Wei family, and Shen Yuan was still the jealous, lonely, and sick child. 

With the memories of his previous life, Wei Zan changed his attitude. He couldn’t help chasing after Shen Yuan’s buttocks and made fun of him, by enthusiastically shouting “Brother Shen”.

“Is the young master playing tricks on me?” Shen Yuan, a young man, clenched the book in his pale hands, looked at him with flickering eyes, and finally gritted his teeth, “You know that I am a narrow-minded and jealous person.” 

Wei Zan pecked at the side of his ear, then smiled lazily and said, “But you can’t be jealous of others…You can only be jealous of me.”

{Chapters are split in Translation.}

Table of Content

Chapter-1 | Chapter-2
Chapter-3 | Chapter-4
Chapter-5 | Chapter-6
Chapter-7 | Chapter-8
Chapter-9 | Chapter-10

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