I (Imperial) Am This Type of Man [IATTM] (DROPPED)

Author: Chunxi Di Xiao
Genre: QT
Tags: BL
Total Chapters: 213 Chapters
Translator: bigCat


The system self-advertised himself with great enthusiasm and said, “Do you want to live? Do you want to recover from your sickness? Do you want to change your fate? You will need 998 points that will cure all your illnesses! You only going to need 998 points to live life like a normal healthy person. The king of the dead system welcomes you!”

Ji Jin Rong unhurriedly replied, “This name of yours does not sound very promising to me.”

The system snorted and said, “You don’t have to pay attention to these irrelevant details.”

Ji Jin Rong was a merciless ruler, he killed his siblings to sit on the throne. With the help of the ministers, he sat on the throne and became the puppet emperor with a sick body.

According to everyone, the great general Wei Ting Jun was a wolf with wild ambitions. He was revolting against the monarch for the throne.

However, Ji Jin Rong always had a feeling that Wei Ting Jun was not interested in the throne but in him.

Ji Jin Rong carefully persuaded him and said, “After my death, you can be the next emperor.”

Wei Ting Jun looked at him and answered, “If you dare to die, then I’ll have this whole world buried with you!”

Ji Jin Rong got speechless.

See, it wasn’t some delusion of his. He had live well to tie down this wolf for everyone’s welfare.

Ji Jin Rong said, “Winter is coming, it’s time to return to the country. I (imperial) will go back and tie the great general to stop him from ruining it!”

(This book has been dropped.)

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