IBDTF: Chapter-9


Wang Zhou went to open the door first, and a few minutes later he came out with a tattered wheelchair. 

At first glance, the wheelchair didn’t look like it was often used.

Wang Zhou flicked the spider web on the wheelchair and said with a polite smile, “Let the young master use this.”

Jiang Lao just shook her head. 

She wanted to say that it would be okay to leave the wheelchair here. It looked sturdier, but Rong Ming nodded.

Jiang Lao, “…”

The people around her had always spoiled her, and it was the first time that she had met such a cold and inaccessible person.

Before leaving, Jiang Lao turned her head to look at the drunk man who was following them all the way and carefully said, “Your young master has an injury on his leg. You should take good care of him. You should be careful about the cost of eating and wearing, shelter, and transportation. Don’t leave him alone on the street anymore.”

In response, Wang Zhou responded with a flattering smile.

But Jiang Lao didn’t have a good impression of this person until now.

She ignored him and turned her head to look at Rong Ming.

Jiang Lao said, “I am leaving, you remember, if you need anything you can ask me to come. I will definitely come.”

Pushing the wheelchair and walking all the way, Jiang Lao’s face had turned a little pink.

After leaving, Jiang Lao felt a little uneasy and looked back, she saw that the boy was looking at her, and his pale lips were slightly bent.

Rong Ming’s eyes moved slightly, but he soon realized that he was absent, he unnaturally put his face aside.

After Jiang Lao left, the servant named Wang Zhou sneered at the teenager. 

When he saw that the girl had walked away, he directly let go of the hand holding the wheelchair and walked into the house by himself.

He snatched away the last bits of silver left in the house, and soon came out again, ignoring Rong Ming.

He walked directly towards the business district of the city and went there to have some fun.

Wang Zhou didn’t regard Rong Ming as a  master.

Although he knew that the young man he was serving was the son of the master from the capital.

And this person was sent to the quiet countryside like Yecheng to recuperate because of his leg injuries.

But he had heard that this guy was just a bastard, his biological mother had died young, and the mistress of the house didn’t like him.

This guy was unfavored.

With serious injuries on both legs, he was thrown to a small town like Yecheng, a place so remote that it was hard to find a doctor or medicine here. 

The phrase recuperation in quiet sounded good, but in fact, no one had been asking about him in the past few months. 

The young man was sent here to fend for himself.

Following this kind of useless master, there was no future for him, so it was better to enjoy life while the person wasn’t dead.

When this guy died, a roll of sheets would help him collect the body, which could be regarded as the payment of being a master and servant.

The doors were slammed shut by Wang Zhou, and the cold snow splashed onto the face of Rong Ming.

The white snow covered Rong Ming’s eyelashes and the bridge of the nose.

But there was not even a slight fluctuation in his expression. He didn’t even raise his hand, letting the snowflakes hanging on his eyelashes for long.

He had got used to it.

With calm eyes, he turned the wheelchair and pushed himself forward.

Only when his eyes inadvertently touched his waist did his face change.

The purse was gone.

The jade charm was also gone.

That jade charm was the only valuable thing on him.

It was the relic left to him by his mother.

Even when he didn’t have any money, he didn’t think of touching that jade charm.

Suddenly Jiang Lao’s figure flashed across Rong Ming’s mind.


He should have known about it a long time ago.

He tightly closed his eyes and wearily curled the corners of his lips with a mockery-filled smile.

Recalling the absent-mindedness, he only thought it was ridiculous.



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