IBDTF: Chapter-8


During the day, every household in town cleaned up the snow that had accumulated in front of their gates.

The road was cleaned and the surface had returned to the flat, and walking on the road pushing a wheelchair was not as difficult as Jiang Lao imagined.

The teenager’s home wasn’t far from her mansion. 

Jiang Lao walked slowly and kept talking along the way.

“I apologize to you on behalf of my brother…”

“What happened today is because he had misunderstood you. A few days ago, someone fed our father’s horse herbal medicine and caused the horse to go mad.”

“Because of it, the horse threw my father off and hurt his right leg. And my father had to take bed rest for weeks.”

“When my brother saw that you have the same kind of herbal medicine in your hand, he misunderstood that you were a murderer, and started a fight with you…”

“I will beat him when I go back home, seriously. In fact, he is not bad, he is just too impulsive because of his younger age.” 

It was good to explain clearly about the younger brother first.

“If you need anything in the future, if you can call me, I will definitely come…”

Then secretly say a few good things about yourself.

The boy responded with “Umm”, it was neither lukewarm nor cold. 

One couldn’t hear his emotions, nor could discern his sincerity.

But Jiang Lao took this as a good sign, and softly added, “Then you, remember to find me in the future.”

No answer.

Suddenly there was laughter from behind, one by one, tall and strong people dressed as servants came towards them.

The man was drunk, and Rong Ming frowned in disgust when he saw him.

The man dangled next to them and carelessly stopped.

Glancing at Rong Ming, the man said, “Ooh, isn’t this our young master??”

Young Master?!

Jiang Lao glanced down. 

When she saw the teenager in the snow just now, the boy was dressed in thin and tattered clothes.

Even after knowing that boy would be prosperous in the future, she always took him as a poor person.

Jiang Lao thought that originally the boy was a child from a poor family and later because of some good opportunity, he would fly high.

But she didn’t expect him to have a servant at this time.

It was just…how did his servant dress more decently than him??

The drunk man also saw Jiang Lao standing behind the teenager, and his eyes lit up.

Jiang Lao had followed her father all the way to Yecheng. She had stayed in this town for more than three months, acting low-key and quiet. 

Her family had never publicized who they were in a high-profile manner.

Even the county magistrate regarded them as guests.

Even though the people here didn’t know who they were, they could probably guess their status. 

When facing Jiang Lao, they unconsciously have a kind of flattering thoughts.

This person had the same mindset too.

As soon as he saw her, the look on his face changed, the idle and hippie smiling turned to a diligent and polite smile.

He pulled the wheelchair to his side and talked to Jiang Lao very graciously.

The man said, “The little one is named Wang Zhou, and he is serving the little master. The little master was not at home, but I became so anxious. I have been out looking for him for a day. Thank you miss for sending him back.”

Jiang Lao didn’t believe the man’s words.

Going out looking for a day? Anxious to search for the master while being drunk??


Jiang Lao peeked at the teenager in the wheelchair, wanting to hear what he said.

The young man had an indifferent and silent look, looking as hard as a rock.

Jiang Lao choked.

The young man didn’t say whether she had to accompany him or leave him to his servant.

So Jiang Lao didn’t worry about the servant who had appeared halfway and rejected Wang Zhou’s help.

She personally sent the boy back to his house.


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