IBDTF: Chapter-7


Jiang Lao lowered her head and took a bite of a snack with a dull expression.

When chewing, her head hung low, her cheeks were bulging with snacks, and they looked soft like glutinous rice dumplings.

The feeling of being treated suspiciously wasn’t very good. Her kindness was treated like a donkey’s liver and lungs.

Jiang Lao was feeling a little annoyed.

Before he could speak, she furiously took the initiative to take a big sip from the cup next to her and finished drinking it.

She swallowed the snack, raised her small chin, and glanced up at him.

The look meant, “Look and see, I am still alive”.

Jiang Lao’s apricot eyes were wet with grievances.

Dim sum wasn’t poisonous.

Water wasn’t poisonous.

But there was still no temperature in Rong Ming’s eyes.

He slowly twisted the half of the snack between his long fingers, and carefully arranged it.

Even though he was going mad from hunger, there was no urgency in his deep eyes.

Some things may seem tempting, but they would kill people.

From a young age, he knew the palace was deep, and the hearts of the people were poisonous. So he would either endure hunger or face death.

If he didn’t know it, how would he be able to survive till now?

After watching her swallow all the snacks, Rong Ming slowly raised his hand and took a tentative bite.

After a while, the box of dim sum was eaten up. Rong Ming ate four and a half pieces of dim sum in total, and the rest went into Jiang Lao’s stomach.

Rong Ming’s face looked frosty without any expression but Jiang Lao ate the dim sum happily.

She was accustomed to a sweet tooth, and this snack was quite suitable to her taste.  

And because she was sitting with a young boy and sharing her snacks, it looked like they had a close relationship between them. 

Gradually the string of fear in Jiang Loa’s heart loosened, and she became cozy and relaxed.

It wasn’t until she finished eating and stretched out her hand wanting to pull the boy sitting next to her, but was avoided by the boy, that she remembered who she was facing.

Jiang Lao quickly retracted her hand, scanned his pale face, and gently said, “I will go and ask a doctor for you.”

The opponent coldly refused, “No need.”

Jiang Lao still wanted to persuade him to see the doctor, so she continued, “You should see the doctor…”

The teenager raised his narrow and long eyes, and his dark gaze swept across her.

“I want to go back.”

Jiang Lao choked, but still slowly asked, “Where is your home?”

“West of the city.”

Going back, Jiang Lao didn’t force the teenager to stay and ordered the maid to find the wheelchair that his father used after falling from the horse.

Rong Ming glanced at her, then lowered his eyes, his eyes were deep.

His two legs were completely scraped, and it was difficult to even get up. She actually told him to see a doctor for his leg injury, and she even moved the wheelchair out.

The courtyard was deeply covered in snow, and just as the wheelchair was pushed out, the wheels got stuck in the heavy snow.

Jiang Lao tried hard but with her strength, it was extremely difficult to push forward.

Just as she was about to call a maid over, the young boy suddenly opened his eyes as if he had guessed what she was going to do, and said, “I just want to ask you to send me alone.”

From the time the teenager had eaten the snacks, he had been very quiet. So quiet that he looked completely different from the tyrannical person in her dream.

To her surprise, the teenager completely looked like another person.

The child looked young and coquettish. When his eyelashes were closed, he looked obedient and pitiful. It was painful to watch.

Even his voice sounded nice.

Jiang Lao was taken aback for a while, and then she remembered how crazy this teenager would become in the future.

A young boy who had to be suspicious and cautious about even drinking a sip of water or eating a bit of snack, how could he be pure and innocent as he looked just now?

A person as sensitive and defensive as him would definitely not ask her to send her home casually. With the experience of dim sum just now, she understood the reason. 

She wasn’t tall, had little strength, and was almost unthreatening to him. She was afraid that just because of this, he asked her to send him off.

Jiang Lao put her fingers on the wheelchair. And the boy’s body immediately leaned forward to create a  certain distance.

Sure enough, this attitude of not letting her even accidentally touch him…

Jiang Lao had confirmed her inner guess.

It was just that he changed his attitude to hide his disgust. Jiang Lao tilted her head and felt an unspeakable sadness in her heart.


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