IBDTF: Chapter-6


But thinking of the things she saw in the dream, Jiang Luo could barely hold up a gentle smile, explaining today’s matter first. 

Jiang Luo said, “Today’s matter is a misunderstanding. My brother misunderstood and thought you are the murderer that cause our father to fall from the horse, so he had a dispute with you.”

Jiang Luo gently smiled and still said, “For today’s matter, it was our fault. We have misunderstood you, and we should make up for you…”

Jiang Luo looked at the pale boy who was sitting in front of her and remembered the future tyrant’s brutal methods that he used to treat others in her dream. 

She couldn’t help but feel scared. But still gathered her courage and moved towards him while taking small steps.

The teenager closed his eyes, and since he couldn’t stand up, he simply sat down on the bed and ignored her.

It was just that the bloodthirsty breath surrounding his body was slightly reduced.

This didn’t make Jiang Lao feel any relief, she still moved with small broken steps towards the teenager. 

After standing only two steps away from the boy, she stopped.

In the dream, that terrifying tyrant had an extremely disgusting attitude towards everyone who approached him.

Jiang Lao behaved with consideration, she was afraid that if she was too close to him, she would annoy him, so she didn’t continue to approach him, and stopped at a position two steps away from him.

Standing near him, Jiang Luo secretly glanced at his injured legs.

The heavy sound just now seemed like the boy had fallen off the bed.

The boy could barely stand up by leaning on something to support his weight. 

It seemed he couldn’t stand up on his own.

It seemed that in the dream his legs weren’t hurt by his brother. He had a problem with his leg before he met her brother.

Knowing it, Jiang Lao breathed a sigh of relief, but she felt a little pity for him.

In the dream, Jiang Luo had seen his weakness and madness because he was trapped in a wheelchair for life.

But she didn’t expect him to be injured so early.

The boy was only fourteen or fifteen years old, in the most energetic age of a teenager, and his legs…

How did his legs become like this?!

Seeing the teenager’s pale lips, Jiang Luo poured him a glass of water and placed it near him.

“Drink it.” Jiang Luo said.

The teenager didn’t move, and he didn’t even turn his eyes to look at the glass of water.

Jiang Lao didn’t understand why he didn’t take the glass. He looked quite thirsty.

The maidservant who went to the kitchen to bring some light snacks also came back with the food.

The light desserts looking like Chinese zodiac signs were neatly arranged in the octagonal food box looking quite attractive.

The sweet smell caused the teenager’s Adam’s apple to move slightly.

Jiang Luo clearly saw his movement, but when she put the snack box in front of him, the boy again changed back to the unmoved look.

The boy’s face looked beautiful and unfeeling, like a young immortal lacking seven emotions and six desires of the mortal world.

Jiang Lao trembled, but still went ahead with daunting courage, pinched a small rabbit snack from the box, and said, “Do you want to try it?”

While handing the snack in front of him, Jiang Luo’s movements and expressions were very cautious.

Her five fingers were white and even, her soft fingertips pinched the belly of the little rabbit.

The dessert was made of glutinous rice and was white and soft. The red bean paste inside the dessert looked tasty and attractive.

Looking at the sweet-smelling dessert, the boy’s pupils flickered, and he clenched his molars as if he was tolerating. 

After a moment of stalemate, the pale fingers of the boy slightly lifted.

Jiang Lao, who had been staring at him, waiting for this opportunity, immediately seized it and quickly shoved the dessert in the boy’s palm, and then silently stared at him, waiting for him to eat it.

At last, the boy pinched the dessert and divided the dim sum into two halves.

He took half of the snack and handed it to Jiang Lao first and said, “You should eat first.”

The boy’s voice sounded somewhat dumb compared to his peers. Even though it was weak, it had a low and calm tone.

Looking at the half dim sum, Jiang Lao was stunned. 

Give it to her?! Was he so kind?!

But the boy’s eyes didn’t look so kind.

Jiang Luo instantly understood something – Test the poison.


No wonder, he didn’t drink the water she gave him.

It seemed he was very defensive.



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