IBDTF: Chapter-5


The sudden difference in the environment made the teenager’s cold eyes fill up with suspicion and vigilance.

The young man tried to move his legs, only to find an abrupt tingling pain. It was so painful that people would want to amputate their legs instead.

But this pain was something he was familiar with. He had been suffering from this pain for several days. 

He had no money to buy the medicine, so he could only go out and collect herbs according to the prescription prescribed by the old doctor in the palace. 

Originally, today his luck was not too bad, and he was able to find the few herbs needed for the medicine.

However, when he came back, he somehow met a group of people who didn’t know why but rushed out to beat him saying he was a murderer.

He passed out before he could explain clearly.

His legs, which were deliberately ‘injured’ last year during autumn hunting, had not been treated. And recently, his leg injuries had worsened.

He would often pass out because of pain. 

He thought that after today’s beating he would die, but he didn’t expect…to somehow appear in this strange place.

Rong Lu endured the bone-crushing pain and tried to get out of bed, but just that simple movement of getting up covered his forehead in sweat.

The pain had heightened.

It was more painful than the morning when he went out to find the herbs. With just a slight movement, it felt as if thousands of ants were gnawing his bones.

He couldn’t find the slightest strength to lift his legs. He gritted his teeth, and his eyes flashed with dark and deep hatred.

It took a while before Jiang Lao to catch up with her brother, but thankfully because of the dream she had already sent out her subordinate to catch the real murderer and they came back just in time. 

After catching the murder, they escorted the murderer back to the house and sent them to Master Jiang for interrogation.

Finally, the truth was revealed.

And Jiang Jin Xing’s self-recognition also immediately changed from a little thief-catcher to being a little idiot.

The little guy became extremely embarrassed watching the change in the scenario. He couldn’t even lift his head anymore. 

He wanted to bury himself in the deep snow to get away from the embarrassment.

After comforting her younger brother, Jiang Lao returned to her yard to look at the teenager.

When she came back, it happened to be the time when the maid was going to wash the teenager’s purse.

There was a simple jade talisman inside the purse, which looked like something very much cherished by its owner. 

So, Jiang Lao carefully took the jade talisman and put it away. Then she asked the maid to clean the purse.

Thinking of the youth’s pale and sickly face, Jiang Lao called another maid over.

Although the herbal medicine found on the boy was something that horses couldn’t eat, humans could eat it.

During the famine years, many people would often dig up those kinds of medicinal herbs to satisfy their hunger. 

She thought that the teenager dug those herbs to satiate his hunger, so she hurriedly ordered the maid to get some warm snacks from the kitchen.

After slowly managing the situation, the mood had been fluctuating from the morning because the dream had finally calmed down a bit.

Jiang Lao thought that now things had started to develop in a completely different direction from the dream, and the result should also be…completely different.

A sudden noise came from the house.

Jiang Lao turned around and pushed open the door to enter.

When she entered, she happened to meet the eyes of the boy.

The person who should be currently lying on the couch was now holding on to the edge of the couch and his knees were half bent. 

He was somewhat kneeling on the couch in a very hard posture.

Just like in the dream, she was firmly locked by that boy’s deep eyes, the eyes that had violent emotions carefully hidden inside them.

It was just that those eyes had less hatred inside them than in the dream. But, it also had more vigilance and defense.

The boy was like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark corner at night, not only alerting others but also hissing violently. Giving you a feeling that it could kill you at any time.

Jiang Lao instinctively felt scared.

When did she provoke him???



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