IBDTF: Chapter-4


Jiang Lao brought the person back to her yard and asked her maid to boil some hot water. She soaked her handkerchief in the hot water and personally wiped off the dirt from the boy’s face.

As soon as the dirt and blood were wiped off, the three-dimensional face of the boy was revealed.

The boy had a tall nose with long eyes and dark eyelashes but his complexion was very pale, more like a sick person, his overall temperament looked sickly yet beautiful.

The boy was still unconscious and his pale skin and thick eyelashes looked pitiful, which was very different from the arrogant and ruthless appearance of his in the future.

After cleaning his face, when Jiang Lao moved down to wipe off the dirt from his neck, she stopped suddenly.

On his neck, there were numerous ugly scars twisted like vines.

The deepest scar was the one starting from his right shoulder, going all the way from the back of his neck to the middle of his collarbone.

The scar looked like a whiplash mark left after a vicious beating. After a long time, that wound had turned into a long centipede-like scar.

Looking at the scar, Jiang Lao was shocked. Her hand which was holding the wet handkerchief shook slightly.

Jiang Lao almost had no courage to touch the scar again, she was afraid of hurting him.

She tried to wipe more gently, and slowly cleaned his neck.

The maid standing near her picked up something from the ground and showed it to Jiang Lao.

“Girl, is this his purse? It was lying here.”

Jiang Lao took a glance, the purse looked very old, the thread was all worn out. The original color and pattern of the purse were all covered by dried blood, and those bloodstains looked scary.

Jiang Lao frowned and said, “It is his purse, go and carefully wash it.”

Jiang Lao covered the teenager in the quilt, and then went out to find her brother. 

Because she brought the teenager back, the little guy had been sulking for a while.

Jiang Jin Xing was anxious to avenge his father when he saw that she had favored the “murderer” and he became angrier.  

But she couldn’t let her brother misunderstand the boy forever.

Otherwise, even if she took the boy back, her brother would somehow find a way to come and trouble him. 

And that wouldn’t be good.

Jiang Lao had planned to apologize to the boy when he woke up and she would try to explain the misunderstanding clearly to him.

It would be best if the teenager could understand, otherwise, she would confess and slowly coax him until he calmed down.

When Jiang Lao went out, she was taken aback.

A little fat boy was planted in the snow outside her house like a radish, his fleshy fingers were pressed against the snow on the ground, and his actions looked fierce. The boy was angrily throwing the snow.

It was clear that the boy had caused his father to fall from the horse, and Jiang Jin Xing was very angry when he saw his sister’s meticulous care for that bad guy.

Like a pufferfish, he was full of anger.

Seeing Jiang Lao coming out of her room to look for him, Jiang Jin Xing’s eyes were full of blame and anger. 

“I don’t have an older sister like you who doesn’t know people and recognizes a murder as your father!”

“It’s not me who can’t see people.” Jiang Lao slowly walked over and sat beside him.

Jiang Lao was young and she had just celebrated her fourteenth birthday, but near her seven-year-old brother, she liked to pretend to be an adult. 

Her sweet little face hardened, and in an old-fashioned tone, she said, “Consider the thief like your father, it didn’t sound right. You have to change the phrase for a better one or use the words discriminately. Otherwise, people will laugh at you”

Hearing it, Jiang Jin Xing’s face flushed.

“Who dares to laugh at me!”

“I dare.”


Jiang Jin Xing once again became angry.

Jiang Lao carefully held her brother’s small face and slowly asked him, “Does it hurt?”

Jiang Jin Xing, “Humph!”

Jiang Lao stretched out her hands and slowly rubbed his fleshy cheeks.

“Don’t be angry, you were wrong. If you want to interrupt someone’s leg, you should be beaten first. That horse was not drugged by him.”

Jiang Jin Xing didn’t believe her words, instead, he felt anger and distress, he even wanted to cry.

He stood up, and said, “Why is it not him?! The medicine was found in his hands! He wants to harm daddy!!”

Jiang Lao also stood up, and said, “I have already sent someone out to search. You will believe me once the culprit is found.”

In that dream, the real murderer who prescribed the medicine to the horse was a butcher who was living here. She had already sent someone to grab that murderer in advance.

Jiang Jin Xing didn’t listen to her words at all, “You are wrong, I’m going to find Daddy. Let Daddy drive that boy away!”

Jiang Jin Xing angrily rushed out of her yard.

Inside the house, Rong Ming was struggling to open his heavy eyelids.

After a while, he slowly raised his hand to rub it. He found, his fingertips were clean and free of blood and mud.

Someone had wiped his face.

A suspicion flashed through his eyes, he lifted his eyes slightly and looked around. 

An unfamiliar room.

The room was warm. All the furnishings in the room were neat, and there were two rows of shelves full of pamphlets and books.

The brocade quilt on his body felt soft and comfortable, as warm as the summer sunshine 

But looking at it, Rong Ming’s pupils instantly chilled as if he saw something extremely dirty, he grabbed the quilt and subconsciously lifted it.

There were no needles or bugs.

Rong Ming’s brows frowned, and he felt lost.

Where is he?


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