IBDTF: Chapter-3


Last night’s heavy snow was like gluttony which devoured all the colors of the world. The vast expanse was covered in endless whiteness until a red shadow broke in.

It was Jiang Lao, who was wearing a red cloak and was rushing towards the stable. Her red cloak was loosely blown by the wind behind her. 

Even though she was dashing forwards, her mind was filled with scenes from that dream. She quickly wanted to see what was going inside the stable.

If her younger brother hadn’t punished that boy, then she would simply take him away, far away from that boy.

But if her brother had offended that boy…

Thinking about it, Jiang Lao got a headache.

Believing the young man’s disposition, he would retaliate against Jian Jin Xing.

If her younger brother had already offended that boy, Jiang Luo didn’t know what to do to change their fate of being retaliated against.

The more she thought about it, the more she had a bad premonition.

In the first few nightmares, even though she knew about the accident in advance, she wasn’t able to change the result, but if she failed today…

As she arrived, she saw a group of people gathered outside the stable.

That group of people was none other than her younger brother and his subordinates.

She scanned the crowd, but she didn’t see where the boy was.

After a careful scan, Jiang Lao suddenly took a deep breath…

Encircled by the crowd, an indistinct figure lying on the ground, from a distance it wasn’t clear but it seemed to be that boy.

Some walking sticks and wooden sticks fell messy on that boy who was lying on the snow.

Jiang Jin Xing commanded the servant loudly, “Pour down a bucket of cold water on him, I see how he still can not wake up!”

Jiang Lao’s heart shook, when she heard her younger brother’s command. She hurriedly rushed and stood in front of the unconscious boy, “Stop!”

Hearing her command, the servant stopped moving.

Looking at the bucket of cold water that had almost fallen on the boy, Jiang Lao immediately realized why the boy in her dream was drenched.

So, if she arrived a few moments later, then he would probably be wet again.

It was good, she had come early.

Otherwise, being soaked by a bucket of cold water in this big winter, she didn’t know how bitter he would have felt.

She shuddered, imagining the consequences.

Jiang Lao had still lingering fears, and she slowly looked down at the teenager’s face.

The boy had dark messy hair, the bridge of his nose was stained with blood, his forehead was black, and his narrow eyes were tightly closed. 

In the snow-covered land, his cold white skin revealed a deadly aura.

Jiang Lao was pale with fright, she hurriedly stretched out her hand to probe the boy’s breath.


She could still change it.

She didn’t, how long the boy had been in the snow, his whole body had been covered in a thick layer of snow.

Even in the heavy winter, he only had a thin coarse tattered cloth on his thin body, it couldn’t even cover his arms. 

An exposed thin forearm was already frozen to purple in the snow. The tattered clothes were dirtier than the rags that her servants’ used.

How did that person fall into such a situation?

Jiang Lao hurriedly untied her red cloak and carefully put it on him, shielding him.

“Why did the boy faint? Did you fight?”

In a trembling voice, Jiang Lao asked.

Jiang Jin Xing felt aggrieved, looking at Jiang Lao actions and hearing her question.

“I didn’t fight him, he hit me! And after that, he suddenly fainted. It had nothing to do with me. He is pretending.”

Jiang Jin Xing in a dull and annoying voice said, “Look, he had herbal medicine in his hand. This medicine was the one that had driven the horse crazy, and hurt our daddy!”

Jiang Lao stared at the boy’s palm. He had a handful of herbs pinched in his hand.

In that dream, Jiang Lao first believed that the boy was bullying her younger brother because he was older. Later, because of those herbs, she believed the boy was the culprit.  

However, just because the teenager had herbs in his hands, it didn’t imply that he must be the culprit that harmed her father.

Jiang Lao regretted her impulsive decision in that dream from the bottom of her heart.

Looking at the frostbitten and cracked hands of the teenager, she felt painful and more guilty in her heart.

When she arrived here, she was only thinking about taking her brother quickly away from this place. 

But seeing the boy looking so pitiful, at that moment, she felt sympathetic in her heart.

No matter how grand the boy’s future status was, but now he was just a skinny, weak, helpless, collapsed little poor. He looked like he hadn’t eaten any food for many days, and he couldn’t even stay conscious after being bullied.

Jiang Lao’s heart was full of pity and guilt, “He is fainted, not faking it.”

As soon as she said this, Jiang Jin Xing pursed his lips and shook Jiang Lao’s hand.

“Sister, didn’t you say that when you find the person who gave herbs to the father’s horse and causes our father to suffer, you will abolish his legs. Then why? Now that I have found that bad guy, let’s take our revenge.”


This is indeed what Jiang Lao had said earlier.

She saw her father lying on the bed for more than a month after falling from the horse, and seeing her tall and healthy father turned into a weak and sick man, she became angry and said those cruel words.

Jiang Lao glanced at the teenager apologetically, and she couldn’t help but think how he looked in the future with broad shoulders, a tall sitting posture wearing a black cloak in a very grand manner.

But he happened to be handicapped. 

In the dream, the boy became disabled because of her?

Jiang Lao’s conscience throbbed.

Suddenly, Jiang Jin Xing handed a thick wooden stick in her hand, and said, “Sister, do you want to do it?.”


Jiang Lao’s conscience throbbed again.

She and her younger brother were following a script of the vicious brother and sister who tried to hurt the protagonist everywhere.

Thinking of their future, Jiang Lao’s heart was alarmed, and she stubbornly said, “He isn’t a bad person. I will take him back first.”


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