IBDTF: Chapter-2


Jiang Jin Xing was naughty and impulsive, and he was the one who climbed the wall and the roof of the house every day. He was only seven years old and it was easy to bully the young but on the contrary, it was always he who bullied others.

Jiang Lao had invariably loved her notorious younger brother. Hearing that her younger brother was wronged, she hurriedly lead people over to see the situation.

When he went there, she saw the man who conflicted with her young brother was only a fourteen years old boy.

Her younger brother said that it was this man who fed the horse something bad that had caused their father to be hurt.

The fourteen-year-old boy was covered in blood, water, and mud. His whole body was soaked in winter, and he looked embarrassed like a beggar, but weirdly his eyes were bright but they didn’t have any temperature inside them.

His long eyes were full of coldness, indifference, and viciousness, like the cruel eyes of a little wounded wolf.

He was standing outside the stable, Holding a herbal concoction that could make the horse go crazy, but still, he refused to admit it his mistake or to tell who was the person behind him.

The servant brought by her pressed that boy in the snow for interrogation, Jiang Lao bit her lips and didn’t speak a word. 

The boy’s eyes were colored in red like blood would drip from it, but he stared at her unabashedly. 

Jiang Lao scalp turned numb looking at his fierce eyes, so she took Jiang Jin Xing away.

Later, after investigation, she found that the culprit wasn’t the teenager but someone else.

Jiang Lao was filled with guilt, so went back to look for the boy, but the boy had disappeared.

Since that incident, Jiang Lao couldn’t find him.

Until a few years later when she was thrown at the feet of a young man who was sitting in a wheelchair.

The man was wearing a black cloak, and the complexion was pale white, cold, and high above the others. The evil temperament with a beautiful face was extremely rare among men.

Those long eyes seemed to occupy all the colors of the world, but what was more outrageous was that those cold fierce eyes were very familiar.

After staring for a while she had recognized him.

That man was no one else but the little beggar who she had once wrongly punished by her in the snowy winter.

Now that little teenager was surrounded by a group of elite servants, dressed in finest brocade clothes, sitting in the top position with an indifferent face.

In just a few years, the teenager had grown into a highly powerful man who couldn’t be offended by anyone.

His means were cruel and his retaliation against her was even crazier.

Jiang Lao abruptly woke up, sweating in panic.

Even after waking up from the nightmare, the lingering palpitations and tensions were still there as if she had faced all that torture.

Her heart seemed to be pinched by something, her heartbeat was numb. There was a feeling of suffocation and despair in her chest. 

That nightmare she just saw was terrible.

She hurriedly raised her head and glanced outside from the window of her room.

The color of the sky was changing, it was the time of dawn, the snow had settled down.

Jiang Lao’s heartbeat was pounding faster.

In that nightmare, the weather was the same.

The sky was dimly lit, and that gloomy weather made her panic.

At that time, the door screeched.

A young maid rushed inside and shouted out of breath.

“Girl, the Young Master, he was bullied outside.”

For a moment, Jiang Lao felt she was still in a dream.

The breaking dawn and a maid rushing in was the scene that she saw in her dream just now.

Jiang Lao raised her head and stared at the maid.

Even the face of the maid was the same. 

Jiang Lao’s breathing stagnated and her body shook in panic. 

“Where is he?”

“Outside the stable.”

Outside the stable.

The place was the same as in that dream.

In other words, it meant that what she saw in the dream would happen today…

Jiang Lao became uneasy and anxious, she hurriedly opened the quilt and stepped outside wearing the embroidered shoes in a rush.

 “Take me! Take me over!”


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