IBDTF: Chapter-14


Over the past year, the Emperor had never asked a single question about Rong Ming’s recovery. 

So, today’s sudden questioning caught the Empress by surprise. And she was frightened into a cold sweat.

But after living many years in the deep palace, she had already cultivated extraordinary concentration and quick reaction. 

The Empress quickly suppressed her fear and calmed down. 

She replied in a gentle voice, “The doctors monthly send Little Nine’s health update. They have reported that little nine’s legs are recovering well. He just needed some time to fully recover.”

The Emperor suspiciously asked, “Little Nine has been there for a year, why did they need some more time to fully heal?”

The queen pinched her palm, her eyes darkened, but she still calmly replied, “During the autumn hunt, Little Nine was badly injured by the assassin. Even the bones in the deepest part of the wound can be clearly seen.

“…At that time, the doctor said it was not so easy to get well soon. It is also good for his body so let him cultivate it for some more days.”

When the Emperor heard those words, his expression of regret  appeared on his face, and he warned, “Next time you send someone to give him monthly money, you should pick more good herbs from the Imperial Hospital…” 

“Although the countryside is quiet, it is suitable for resting, but the quality of the medicinal materials is not as good as in the palace.”

Hearing the command, the queen lowered her dark eyes, with an extremely meek, considerate, and eloquent look.

“For the emperor’s beloved son, the concubine herself will share the worries for the emperor. I will go and order the hospital to send some herbs when someone goes to see Little Nine next month.”

Hearing the Empress’s words, the Emperor nodded with satisfaction, and after a late-night snack, he left the Empress Palace.

After the emperor left, the gentle expression on the Queen’s face suddenly changed.

She recalled that she had asked her son to perform well in front of the Emperor, but he ended up being disgusted because of his lack of talent. 

In turn, the Emperor recalled Rong Ming. For a while, regret and hatred filled her cold eyes.

She looked like a poisonous snake, cold and ruthless.

She punished the seventeenth prince to face the wall for half an hour, then called the maid to come over. 

She ordered the maid to throw all the herbs just retrieved from the Imperial hospital into the gutter outside the palace to feed the homeless dogs.

The cold wind kept going all night until the sun rose in the sky.

Rong Ming’s legs were stuck on the cold ground all night, and the constant pain made him feel uneasy and sleepless all night.

At dawn, he stared down at his two frail injured legs, and his eyes were cold and gloomy.

His leg injury had worsened again.

He was afraid that this time they would be completely abolished.

Although Jiang Lao had thought in her heart that she should visit the young boy frequently to change his impression of her, the successive dreams made her more and more afraid of him.

As soon as she thought of seeing him, she would remember his cruelty and revenge on her in the future.

In last night’s dream, she had been kneeling for a long time, and her knees felt sore even when she woke up. 

As soon as she saw him, she just wanted to run away. Let alone meet him and change his impression of her.

The instinct to stay away from danger made Jiang Lao choose to behave like a turtle for a few days. 

But she still ordered a servant to guard the hut in the west of the city, lest the young boy got bullied by those rogue kids again.

That night, Jiang Lao dreamed of the grown-up boy again, which was clearer than any previous dream.

Because the fourth prince and her family were in the same party, her family was reduced to prisoners after the new emperor ascended the throne.

She was originally just a slave. He bought her back and wanted to kill her. After waiting for a while, he didn’t take her life. Instead, he made her his personal servant.

From then on, he would take pleasure in torturing her.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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