IBDTF: Chapter-12


Seeing the purse, Rong Ming’s clenched fist loosened, and the blue veins on the back of his hand gradually faded.

Thinking back to her actions that he thought were hypocritical just now, Rong Ming felt a little complicated.

But the gaze he looked at her was still cold and indifferent, with no trust only scrutiny. He was still defensive against her.

The tip of her nose and the corners of her eyes looked a little red due to coldness.

Those beautiful eyes have the timid look of a little prey that had come across a hunter.

Afraid of him??

He was just a disabled man what was there to be afraid of?!

When Jiang Luo came here, she had thought about all kinds of words to say. But when she met him, she was as nervous as a rabbit who went to the wolf’s place.

Seeing the cold-hearted look on Rong Ming’s face, Jiang Luo suddenly remembered the scenes of revenge and tyranny did by him in her dream, and her knees couldn’t help but tremble.

His eyes seemed to have murderous look…

Jiang Luo didn’t want to stay there anymore. After sending a little warmth, wait until she had enough courage to meet him again.

Jiang Luo suppressed the deep fear in her heart, and hurriedly stuffed the purse in Rong Ming’s hands, while muttering, “The purse…has been sent, then I will leave.”

At this time, she heard a low thank you coming from behind.

Hearing the thank you, Jiang Luo was taken aback, and her footsteps paused. Then she turned around with bright eyes…

But saw that only the straight back of the young man was facing her.

The thin lonely back sinking in the dark shadow of the room showed extreme indifference.

Jiang Luo thought that after he said thank you, the grievances between the two could be wiped off.

It seemed she thought too much.

Jiang Luo lowered her head and turned around to leave.

In the room, Rong Ming kept his eyes down, staring at the purse in his hand, but his ears were focused on her little footsteps.

The girl was very small, and her steps were also small and light, but she walked very fast and made a creaking sound when she stepped on the snow.

The sound of her little footsteps gradually weakened, until he couldn’t hear it anymore.

Rong Ming turned his head and saw the heavy snow in the yard. On the heavy snow, there was a series of little footprints.

Then he looked down at the purse in his hand. His pale fingers slowly gathered and he tightly held the purse in the palm of his hand.

No one had ever helped him sew a purse.

The old purse had been dirty since the day he had picked it up. But now, it was as clean as a new purse.

At night, the strong northern wind raged. The dilapidated wooden window could not withstand the strong cold when and creek with the wind.

The temperature inside the room was the outside. The four walls were useless.

In the darkness, Rong Ming’s face was covered in sweat because of the pain.

Wang Zhou was sleeping like a dead person next door.

Rong Ming tightly wrapped himself in the quilt.

But in his sleep, he accidentally rolled under the bed.

He tried hard to stand up but he didn’t have any strength, so Rong Ming could only confess to his fate and lay motionless on the cold wet ground.

The ground was extremely cold, and the quilt covering his body was very thin, almost like nothing, making him unable to fall asleep.

Rong Ming stared at the cold windy night with dark eyes, and there was chaos in his eyes as if he had returned to to that cold dark night of his childhood.

The night when he was locked in the cold palace. He didn’t know how many concubines had hung themselves or died of the illness there.

The imperial brothers locked him there and didn’t let him out.

That night the heavy wind was like a ghost crying through the hole in the window, freezing him.

At that time, he was small and his tiny body was able to shrink under the table which stand the cold wind.

There was the persistent sound of the mice gnawing in the dark.

In fear, he curled up under the table staring at the door without blinking.

He was looking forward to the moment when someone would rescue him, hoping that someone would open the door and help him get out of this place.

But what was waiting for him was a whole night of darkness and coldness.


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