IBDTF: Chapter-11


Rong Ming took a glance at Jiang Lao and the ridiculous look on his face became worse.

Since she had already got what she wanted, why did she want to come back?

Instead of helping him pretentiously and giving a look of sincerity. Except for that jade talisman, he had nothing to exchange but his life.

Rong Ming’s fists fell on his knees. He clenched his hands tightly, and blue veins appeared. 

She had a slender neck, if she was really like what she showed by throwing a small snowball just now, then with his current strength, she could be put to death in exchange.

Jiang Lao met the boy’s gaze and became startled.

His eyes were beautiful black, any emotion in them would be highlighted in such clear eyes.

This also allowed her to clearly see the disgust and violence in his sight.

She only had left for a while, and his attitude obviously changed for the worst.

Seeing this, Jiang Lao wanted to cry without tears. When did she offend him??

She had just touched his shoulder. Jiang Lao suddenly seemed to understand something, so hurriedly retracted her finger.

She guessed that maybe her coming here made him unhappy.

After realizing this, Jiang Lao carefully moved him into the house, which caused all her strength to be almost exhausted.

She was afraid of hurting him, but she didn’t dare to touch him.

During the whole process, Rong Ming endured the heavy pain in his legs and secretly looked at the girl without saying a word, trying hard to figure out what she wanted to do with him.

After entering the courtyard, Jiang Luo wanted to send him to the bedroom, but he didn’t allow her to enter.

Jiang Lao had to listen to him but she was frustrated in her head. Looking carefully at the small courtyard, she found that this place was deserted and narrower than Jiang Lao had imagined.

The entire yard was covered in snow and no one had cleaned it.

There was nothing in the yard, except for a few moldy firewoods standing at the corner of the west wall. And the door and window were full of cobwebs.

The room only had four bare white walls. And as the cold wind passed through, this empty room appeared like a huge grave.

The whole place was filled with a dark and damp atmosphere, not like a place where people could live.

The place where this young master lived was not as good as the place where the servant of her family lived.

What kind of young master was this?!

At that moment, the servant named Wang Zhou was nowhere to be seen. Jiang Lao looked left and right, and her mouth narrowed, “Where is your servant?? He clearly promised to send you back.”

Hearing it, all the patience of Rong Ming was finally consumed.

His pale fingers were clenched, and the blue veins were trembling violently. He kept staring at her thin neck that could be broken with one hand.

A bloodthirsty aura suddenly floated up under his eyes, mixed with some unwillingness.

If it wasn’t for the frostbitten leg in the snow just now being too weak, and not knowing why she was pretending, he would have killed her at once without holding himself back.

“What are you here for?” 

Rong Ming asked in a deep voice, quietly turning the wheelchair with his fingers, and getting closer to Jiang Lao. His cold eyes stared at her weak neck.

Without knowing anything, Jiang Lao turned her head around looking for Wang Zhou. Hearing his question, she slowly turned her head back. 

After thinking about it, she gently knocked her head in surprise, “I almost forgot again…”

Annoyed, Jiang Luo looked for the thing in her arm and quickly handed the purse to him.

“I saw that your purse was dirty, so I asked the maid to wash it. The worn-out places are stitched, and the jade pendant was inside it…”

“Just know, I came back to send it back to you. I was too hurried so I forgot to give it back to you.”

Rong Ming was taken aback for a moment. In the little red hand of the girl, his purse with a jade charm was lying.

The palm of her hand looked red because of catching the snowball with bare hands.

It seemed he had misunderstood her.


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