IBDTF: Chapter-10


Jiang Lao usually took care of herself. On nine out of ten days, she was a salted fish. She was used to laziness. 

After going back and forth for two journeys, her ankles became sore, and the arm pushing the wheelchair was also very tired.

She really didn’t know how she endured the sins in her dreams.

When Jiang Lao returned home, the first thing she did was rest on the couch, with her small face buried in the pillow. Her arms looked boneless, and she didn’t even have the energy to raise her arms.

The maid Ming Shao took off her satin shoes covered with mud and looked at Jiang Loa’s lazy look with pity and puzzlement.

“Look, the girl is tired. Just ask an entourage to send it off. Why bother yourself?? The degree of the girl’s care is too much for that person.”

Jiang Lao thought of the teenager’s indifferent face and shook her head that was gently buried in the pillow.

She did this, it was not just because of the care.

Jiang Lao thought about going to him again tomorrow.

The person was as cold as a block of ice now, but if she treated him well every day. Then there would surely be a day when the ice cube would melt, and he would not be angry with her and her brother.

Slowly Jiang Lao became more sleepy, her eyelids gradually closed, and when she was about to fall asleep, she suddenly opened her eyes, sat up holding the blanket, and looked quite regretful.

Jiang Lao said that she always felt that she hadn’t done something right.

Ohhh…She forgot to give the teenager’s purse to him.

She was so absent-minded!

With no drowsiness, Jiang Lao quickly slipped off the couch, dressed up again, took the purse, and went out.

Snow fell from the sky again, and the snow was not big, like a shallow haze.

Outside, the fluttering sound of snowflakes falling from the thin branches and the sound of children’s play, mixed together, reached Jiang Lao’s ears.

As she walked further westward, the clearer the sound of the children’s joyous laughter could be heard.

Listening to their conversation, it was related to a snowball fight.

“I made the biggest snowball.”

“What kind of skill is it? Obviously, I throw the most accurate snowball.”

“Huhh, let’s throw the snowball again and see who throws it correctly this time.”

Hearing those childish words, Jiang Lao couldn’t help but laugh.

It was good and full of life.

Only when she turned around the corner and saw the direction in which the children were throwing the snowballs, that her smile freeze.

The snowball thrown by the group of children was aimed in the direction of the teenager.

The boy’s wheelchair was stuck in the snow. He was holding the wheel firmly with both hands and was turning the wheelchair forward with difficulty, but the threshold was blocking his way. 

Because of the force, the wheel of the wheelchair trembled. The boy would have fallen if he hadn’t paid attention in time.

From the time when she left to when she came back, the teenager’s position didn’t seem to have changed.

The muscles of his arms were tightened because of the intense force, the sleeves were supported with vague lines. His body was stained with broken snowballs, and his back looked tall and lonely.

Seeing this, Jiang Lao hurriedly ran forward to support his wheelchair and brushed away the snow left on his shoulders. 

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. With hydrated apricot eyes, Jiang Lao shouted at the group of children, “You bully people like this??”

The children laughed and didn’t care about her shouting at all. There was no shame or guilt on their faces, and they all roared together, “That’s a handicapped person. If you have the ability, let this crippled waste throw it back at us.”

There seemed to be something buzzing in Jiang Lao’s mind, she slowly glanced down at the boy in the wheelchair.

The boy was gloomy and silent, his eyes were like a pool of stagnant water, and he gave no response.

It was like…he was used to it.

Jiang Lao suddenly felt sour for no reason, and her body was trembling because of the hateful behavior of these bratty children.

She couldn’t help but vent her anger. She quickly threw a few small snowballs at the group of children.

Suddenly hit back by the snowballs the group of bear children hurriedly dispersed and disappeared around the corner.

But the small snowball thrown by Jiang Lao did not fall far away. Her strength was too small, and she could not hit a single child.

Slowly the children came out again one after another, making all kinds of grimacing faces and said, “You are just like that disabled person, you are also a trash…a trash.”

Jiang Lao was so angry that her almond eyes turned red.


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7 months ago

This plot is very interesting. I mean I would love to know how the poor disable young man (Rong Ming)would rise up and marry Jiang Lao.
So excited!!!

7 months ago

Eager to read more! Please update it 🥺