IBDTF: Chapter-1


Yecheng had an unexpected heavy snowfall at the end of the winter season.

Overnight, the whole city was obstructed by heavy snow, and those who wanted to get in or get out of the city weren’t able to do so. 

Because of the heavy snow, Jiang Lao’s family also stayed here.

A maid carrying a well-crafted stew pot walked to Jiang Lao’s yard.

The steam was coming from the pot, a freshly stewed pigeon soup was simmered inside.

When the maid arrived, she reported to the other maid who was on the duty of night watch.

“Master has asked me to bring this pigeon soup to the girl.”

The night guard maid yawned, and while breathing white gas, she said, “Why did you bring it so early?”

“Yesterday the girl said that it was going to snow heavily in the city and everyone won’t be able to go out. The master didn’t believe the girl and argued a few unpleasant words.  Unexpectedly, today the city was enclosed in snow. The master felt guilty because of it and told the kitchen to stew a pigeon soup for the girl. The girl likes the pigeon soup the most.”

The master about whom the maid was speaking was the fourth master of the Jiang family, Jiang Xing Zhou.

Jiang Xing Zhou was unruly and reckless before the marriage, but after marriage, he became famous for petting his wife. And after having a daughter, he became a famous daughter slave. 

This kind of fuss was a daily occurrence, for getting a little bit of a daughter’s favor. Those servants were also accustomed to it.

The night guard maid opened the door for her and whispered, “The girl is still sleeping, you put the soup inside first, and remember to put it gently.”

The coal was burning inside, creating a warm atmosphere. 

The maid slowly put down the piping hot pigeon soup, and soon left the room. The cold snow fell like a knife on her face.

The maid couldn’t help but complain in a small voice, “If the master didn’t listen to the girl in the beginning, then it would have been fine. Returning to Beijing wouldn’t be delayed, and everyone wouldn’t be frozen here.”

The night guard maid turned her head and slowly closed the door.

“The sun was shining yesterday, and who could have thought that it would snow heavily today.”

“How does the girl know?”

The two maids talked and peeked at the room.

On the big couch, a person was curled up like a cat.

The black and shiny hair had covered the pillow-like silk, and her skin was as white as snow with full red lips.

No matter how you look at her, she looked like a flawless beauty.

There are many beautiful people in Jiang Mansion, but Jiang Lao was the most beautiful, it was a fact.

Her eyes were delicate since she was a child. It was a pity that she left her hometown with her father and wandered around from the age of six.

After a long time, Jiang Lao’s beauty was gradually forgotten by many. Only the servants serving the Jiang family knew how beautiful the girl was. 

The girl’s sleeping face looked like a little fairy walking out of the painting, with small glutinous cheeks.

This was how she looked at the age of thirteen, and one could imagine how incredible she would look in the future.

At that moment, the eyebrows of the person who was quietly sleeping frowned. She looked very upset.

Jiang Lao slept restlessly.

And the reason was the nightmare she had seen several times recently.

And those nightmares turned out to be true every single time!

The first time she had a dream that on the way home, the horses were frightened and went crazy.

At first, she thought it was an ordinary nightmare, but the next day she heard that her father was wounded after falling from a frightened horse.

Then, she dreamed about the heavy snow.

Right now, Jiang Lao was haunted by a nightmare again.

In that dream, it was the dawn and a maid rushed inside her room shouting, “Girl, the Young Master, he was bullied outside.”

The young master was no one other than Jiang Lao’s younger brother, Jiang Jin Xing.


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