GSBVH: Chapter-9


In the high-end apartment building, Shen Yan Chu was seriously flipping through the script, on the corner, “The Question of the Immortals” was written on the script.

This script was based on the Xianxia theme, mainly focus on cultivation. It was a big-budget movie. This movie was going to be regarded as the most promising movie of this year. 

His agent helped him to win the opportunity to audition for the male lead. If he could win this, he would be regarded as the first-line actor.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Shen Yan Chu walked over to open the door.

With a smile, he called out, “Wen Yi.”

Jian Wen Yi walked inside the apartment, carrying two plastic bags. In a soft and clear voice, she asked, “Reading the script?”

Shen Yan Chu took the bags, and said, “Yes, Preparing in advance.”

“I heard there is going to be a national selection for the cast of this movie. After all, makers of costume dramas are always very picky.” Jian Wen Yi stared at Shen Yan Chu, and said, “But I think you can win it.”

Shen Yan Chu waved, and said, “It truly depends on my audition.”

But if this audition went well, by default he would get this role. The so-called national selection was nothing but a disguised marketing and publicity stunt. The ultimate goal was to attract everyone’s attention to the movie.

Unless there was a big talent, the result of the audition was a foregone conclusion.

Jian Wen Yi shyly smiled, and said, “I plan to give the audition too, to see if I can act with you.”

Shen Yan Chu smiled, and said, “I believe you will too get this role.”

In his mind, no one was more suitable to play the role of a fairy than Jian Wen Yi.

“Ohh, Right…” Jian Wen Yi remembered something, and said, “Xiao Ning has been acting weird lately, she even borrowed some money from me.”

Shen Yan Chu frowned, and asked “Borrowed money?”

Jian Wen Yi nodded, “I asked her about the need, but she didn’t say it. So I thought, and set a table at Junyue for everyone to meet in two days, everyone can relax. Xiao Ning also agreed to meet.”

Shen Yan Chu smiled softly, and said, “Just do what you want.”

Jian Wen Yi bit her lips and while carefully looking at him asked, “Can I call Ling Zhen too?”

Shen Yan Chu frowned, remembering yesterday’s incident of Ling Zhen withdrawing from the group. It was simply a slap on everyone’s face.

“I wonder if she behaved abnormally because she was sad listening to A’Ze and the others’ words,” Jian Wen Yi added, “I was the one who had added her into the group, so I feel responsible for it.”

“Just call her.” Shen Yan Chu signed helplessly, and said, “Wen Yi, you are too kind.”

Jian Wen Yi smiled shyly, and opened Ling Zhen’s contact box, and sent her a message “Tomorrow there is dinner planned at Junyue, with Yan Chu and others. Are you going to come?”

The other party didn’t reply for a long time.

After about ten minutes, a new message notification popped up. Jian Wen Yi was washing her hands, so Shen Yan Chu picked and look them up 

Ling Zhen’s reply was “Not going.”

Reading her reply, Shen Yan Chu was surprised.

When Jian Wen Yi came back and read the message, she was also surprised. Before yesterday, Ling Zhen would do everything to go with them.

After a few minutes, another message was sent by the other side.

“Wen Xiao Ning is going there?”

Jian Wen Yi replied, “Yes.”

Ling Zhen, again sent a message, “Then I will come too.”

This time, Shen Yan Chu was stunned. He suddenly wanted to smash that mobile phone.

While replying to the female lead, Ling Zhen was having breakfast with Wei Xi.

The reason why she had agreed to go to the dinner was that tomorrow was the third day of her appointment with Wen Xiao Ning. So, she was going to get her money back from her.

With her money, she could buy something for Wei Xi and boost their relationship. In any case, if the situation in the future changed there would be a little friendship between them to save herself.

Wei Xi was eating quietly and didn’t pay any attention to Ling Zhen, who was busy messaging others.



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Batata Anisia
Batata Anisia
1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter 💛😊