GSBVH: Chapter-8


In the morning, Ling Zhen was woken up by a ringing of her phone.

After playing the “Don’t Be Angry” song several times last night, Wei Xi didn’t come to trouble her.

This seemed to be a useful move.

But as a downside of the move, she had dreamt the whole night about dancing and shouting on the music, “Don’t be angry. You are the one who suffers the most when you get angry…”.

As a result, she wasn’t able to sleep well.

Without looking at the phone, Ling Zhen answered the call. 

A sharp voice blasted in her ear, “Bad girl, you ran to have plastic surgery. Your wings have become hard now. If you have money, don’t you know to send it home.”

Immediately Ling Zhen placed the phone away from her ear.

Ling Xuan was also a member of that male lead’s chat group, and she must have read the messages related to the original owner’s plastic surgery on that group chat. 

So, today the original body’s mother called to ask about the crime, and extort her.

Ling Zhen endured the urge to hang up the call, and interrupted her while saying, “It didn’t do it.”

“You didn’t do it because you have no guts.” Ling Mu snorted, and kept grumbling, “Do you have a hole in your brain to trust the beauty salon and go to do the plastic surgery?”

That was true, the original body was indeed an idiot with a big hole in her brain.

Ling Zhen didn’t answer and waited while letting Mother Ling babble and slowly come to the point, “Your sister is preparing for a new drama. She said, as long as you win a role for her in this drama, she will become famous in the future.”

The drama Mother Ling was talking about was a national-level drama “The Question of the Immortals”. This drama had many comics, spin-off radio dramas, and mobile games.  

In the original plot, being part of this drama was a very important opportunity that everyone yearned for. And naturally both the male and female leads’ participated in its audition. 

Not only Ling Xuan wanted to play a role in this drama, but also the original owner. The original body desperately begged to play a role in this drama to get close to Shen Yan Chu.

“So I have made some agreement with the  director in advance.”

Mother Ling told her in an obvious tone. The second daughter had so much extra money, not to mention she had married in such a rich household. There was nothing wrong with helping her mother. 

In a serious voice, Ling Zhen replied, “Come on.”

Mother Ling choked, what did she mean by that?

“Look, if you want to waste your money on plastic surgery then it is better to help your mom.” 

Ling Mu pressed her temper and tried to  persuade her, “When Xuan Xuan gets this role, she will mention you in front of the director and maybe you can also get to play a small role.”

Without replying to her antics, Ling Zhen went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water.

While drinking the water, she said, “Don’t be so bothersome. It is easy to get a role by using my own money on myself.”

Mother Ling almost shouted in anger, could this be the same?

Xuan Xuan studied in the acting department. And Ling Zhen originally started acting purely to chase a male celebrity. She had no acting or dancing talents, what could she do?

Of course, Mother Ling couldn’t say that loud. Otherwise, if the fairy Ling Zhen, who was famous for her incredible dance in the immortal world heard it, she would be angry enough to cut her.

Mother Ling suddenly felt that the second daughter seemed to have changed. So, she directly scared her, “Mom wants to borrow the money from you. If you don’t give it, then you don’t need to go back home in the future”

Ling Zhen felt puzzled. Was there any eccentric family who used their daughter like a money-making tool?

Mother Ling forced her, and asked, “Are you giving the money?”

“No.” Ling Zhen finished drinking the water, and righteously replied, “I am going to make food for my husband.”

After speaking, she quickly hung up the phone. On the other side of the phone, Mother Ling felt her chest was hurting.

When Ling Zhen turned her head, she saw the man was lazily leaning against the kitchen door with his arms folded. 

In the thin black shirt, his skin looked extremely white. With a sneer, he said, “Go, buy groceries.”

Ling Zhen immediately nodded her head. 

Not to mention buying groceries or cooking, they seemed to never have eaten at the same table at the same time.

Ling Zhen twisted her small fingers, and slowly murmured, “Would you like to eat breakfast together?”

Wei Xi stared at her for a while, and inquired, “What to eat?”


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