GSBVH: Chapter-76


To be honest, Wei Xi’s arrival was a sweet surprise for Ling Zhen. 

After coming to City B, Ling Zhen was busy with shooting. 

For the past few weeks, she was either shooting at the shooting location or resting in her hotel room.

At most, she went out to have a meal with Qian Qian or Xiao De, without even leaving the hotel.

With the opportunity to accompany Wei Xi, now she could look around and relax a little.

Ling Zhen didn’t have many scenes today, and she could finish them before evening. 

Because she could go out and play at night, Ling Zhen was in a good mood since she woke up in the morning.

Being in a good mood elevates the beauty of a person. So after the styling was done, Ling Zhen looked more dazzling than normal in her green costume.

It was just that the more eye-catching she looked, the more uncomfortable others felt in their heart looking at her. 

Seeing radiating Ling Zhen, Liu Ruo snorted coldly.

One of the reasons she targeted Ling Zhen was for Jian Wen Yi, but it was not the all…

Most importantly she targeted Ling Zhen for herself. 

If Ling Zhen’s reputation was not good, post-production would be affected. 

At that time, the attention she would receive as the third female lead would also greatly increase.

Liu Ruo was an actor. She had stayed as the third-line actress for a long time.

So she really wanted to take advantage of “The Questions of Immortal” as the springboard to jump up.

But after yesterday’s incident, several makeup artists ignored her, and even some other crew members began to look at her with strange eyes.

Liu Ruo was planning how to cautiously proceed forward.

The first scene in the morning was the scene of the male and female lead, and the director’s mobile phone suddenly rang as soon as the shoot started.

Without any intention of picking up the call, he frowned and took the mobile phone out and wanted to turn it off…

But when he saw the caller ID, the Director was taken aback.

Then the director suddenly got up from the chair, went back to his cabin, and picked it up.

As soon as the door was closed, the director hurriedly pressed the answer button, “Hello, Mr. Wei?”

Why did the boss call so early??

Wei Xi faintly asked, “Has the shoot been started?”

“Yeah! It starts early every day.”

Then the two exchanged unsatisfactory greetings. 

Listening to the other party, He Dao became more and more puzzled. He and Mr. Wei were not familiar with each other. 

So what kind of wind is blowing today that even the boss thought of calling him?

At this time, Wei Xi suddenly said, “In the past two days, I happened to be in City B.”


Director He was surprised, “Are you coming here…??”

“Do some official business…” Wei Xi added, “I can visit the studio when you are all right.”

Ten thousand words rushed into He Dao’s little heart.

What kind of demonic wind is this blowing, it could actually blow this big boss to his crew—!

Although there was nothing wrong with the investors being concerned about the progress of the drama they invested in…

But this person was Mr. Wei after all, if he came into the studio, he as a director wouldn’t even dare to yell at the young actors at that time.

But on the surface, Director He could only welcome him politely, “Then we are waiting for you.”


Wei Xi’s tone was casual, as if he suddenly remembered something, “There hasn’t been any problem on the set recently.”

Hearing this, Director He was startled, and said to his heart, where did the boss hear the rumor?

“No? Everything is going very well.” Director He hurriedly replied.

Wei Xi paused, in a seemingly meaningful tone asked, “New actors won’t be bullied in the crew, right?”

Director He Dao suddenly remembered the relationship between Wei Xi and Ling Zhen. 

Could it be that the little fairy of Wei’s family was bullied on the set??!

He usually only paid attention to the shooting and didn’t pay attention to others.

Thinking this, He Dao was a little panicked at once.

But at this time Wei Xi spoke again, “If there is no then that’s best. In short, you should take care of it.”

Director He wiped his sweat and immediately understood what he meant, “Okay, okay!”

No one knew who made the call that Director He answered in the morning, but soon no one remembered the episode.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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