GSBVH: Chapter-75


Wei Xi’s voice came over, “Call me?”


Ling Zhen took the strawberry yogurt and slowly went to check out.

Unlike her gloomy mood, Wei Xi’s voice seemed to be in a good mood, “What’s the matter, have you been bullied?”

The soft tone with a touch of familiar favor, inexplicably reminded Ling Zhen of those old fairies who treat her well and protect her to grow up carefree.

She was a good little fairy, but she suddenly came to such a place and encountered so many weird mortals, who without any reason wanted to harm her.


After transmigrating here for so long, Ling Zhen finally tasted the grievance of the mortal world.

She slowly bowed her head and walked out of the convenience store. After being blown by the cold wind, she rubbed her eyes.

Then she rubbed it again.

“No…” she whispered into the microphone.

Wei Xi’s voice revealed a slight smile, “It doesn’t sound like it.”

Hearing this, Ling was really upset. 

She dragged the little rabbit on the cotton pants and kicked the flowerbed outside the store, wrinkling her nose, “Who can bully me?”

Wei Xi chuckled. He didn’t ask more, but said, “Do you need someone to accompany you?”

Ling Zhen held the phone between her cheeks and shoulders, twisted the strawberry yogurt with both hands, and slowly took a sip.

In a stiff tone, she said, “No need.”

After her reply, there was brief silence over the microphone.

In the next second, suddenly footsteps came from behind her. Ling Zhen didn’t turn her head.  

But a man’s familiar low voice suddenly came into her ears—

“No need, but I’m here.”

Hearing this, Ling Zhen was stunned. Holding the strawberry yogurt, she turned back.

Under the streetlamp, Wei Xi was looking very eye-catching in a black coat.

Wrapped in full black clothes, the man’s whole body was exuding an aura of abstinence. 

His black hair was loose, his eyes were deep, and his face was extremely handsome.

Seeing Wei Xi standing there, Ling Zhen was really dazed. It took her a long time to slowly ask, “Why are you here?”

Wei Xi hung up the phone and walked a few steps to shorten the distance.

Standing near her, he could smell the strawberry flavor on the girl’s lips.

Very sweet.

Wei Xi paused for a few seconds, and slowly said, “It just happens that I have some work here in City B.”

Hearing this, Ling Zhen’s eyes slightly widened, and her eyes were full of simplicity, “Really, what a good coincidence!”

“Yeah.” Seeing that she had believed his reason, Wei Xi’s lips twitched slightly. 

Looking at Ling Zhen’s face, Wei Xi’S eyes suddenly fell on the corners of her eyes—

It looked a little red.

Seeing the redness, the man frowned slightly. 

He raised his hand, and carefully touched the end of her eyes with his cold fingertips, “What’s the matter?”

Seeing his concern, Ling Zhen tilted her head uncomfortably, and her eyes were slightly dodging him.

Ling Zhen couldn’t believe that Wei Xi, who was far away in City A, suddenly appeared in front of her. 

She suddenly felt a little frustrated, “Did you just arrive?”

He shouldn’t have seen her behaving stubbornly on the phone while secretly rubbing her eyes and kicking the flowerbed, right?!

Wei Xi said, “Well, just a coincidence.”

After arriving here, he saw a little fluffy rabbit, with her ears drooping. 

She was standing alone in the cool breeze and rubbing her eyes like some kind of weak and stubborn little animal.

Hearing this, Ling Zhen quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Wei Xi slowly touched her red eyes and said, “You can tell me if something is bothering you.”

Hearing this, Ling Zhen lifted her eyelashes under his palm and blinked her apricot eyes.

After touching Ling Zhen’s eyes, Wei Xi’s hand fell on the back of her head. 

He rubbed her soft and fluffy hair and said, “I can listen.”

Ling Zhen pursed her lips, and suddenly her mood became a little high. She felt comforted.

What about some nasty little cannon fodder??! 

Even the biggest villain boss had become her intimate friend.

Thinking this, Ling Zhen suddenly felt that she was quite successful.

“I know.” 

Ling Zhen’s eyes were bent, showing a slight smile, “Then you are going to stay here for a few days??”

Wei Xi took her hand and looked at her. He couldn’t help squeezing Ling Zhen’s earlobe, “Not sure yet.”

Seeing his actions, Ling Zhen shrank her neck, avoiding his hand, and said “Ohh.”

Wei Xi asked, “When will your work end tomorrow?”

Ling Zhen replied, “I have to confirm first…what’s the matter?”

Wei Xi squeezed Ling Zhen’s wrist and pulled the person back in front of him.

“After the shoot is over, come with me.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
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