GSBVH: Chapter-74


At first, she didn’t think it was about herself until she happened to pass by the dressing room that day and heard a familiar sharp sound coming from it.

“I definitely saw it with my own eyes! Shen Yan Chu was at the door of her room that day!…”

Ling Zhen raised her eyebrows, no wonder many people in the crew were looking at her with strange eyes… 

It turned out that someone was conscientiously spreading rumors about her.

“Really? Then the two of them…”

Liu Ruo, “She’s not clean anyway! Originally she had a gold master, but after she came here, she couldn’t bear to be lonely, so she went to hook up with a male star from the same crew!”

“My God, looking at her I really can’t tell, she’s so silly…”

“She has done a lot of things before—”

Before the words fell, the door of the dressing room was suddenly pushed open.

Liu Ruo was taken aback, and when she looked back, Ling Zhen was standing at the door, looking at her coldly.

The scene was extremely embarrassing. She was arrested for talking badly behind the back. 

Liu Ruo subconsciously asked, “Don’t you know to knock on the door first?”

Ling Zhen stared at her, “Don’t you know that spreading rumors is breaking a law?”

Liu Ruo haughtily replied, “How did I spread the rumors? Who am I talking about, don’t you know yourself?”

The two little make-up girls standing next to her looked scornfully at Ling Zhen.

Ling Zhen disdained messing with such stubborn fools.

The little fairy shook her head, with a kind of cold aura that made people afraid to look at her, “Your male lead knocked on the door and said something. It didn’t take two minutes in total, but you—”

“You are not on the same floor as me, and you can still witness that scene. Moreover, in just those two minutes you understood everything?”

When these words came out, the eyes of the two makeup artists looking at Liu Ruo became strange.


Liu Ruo and they were not on the first floor, how could they know so clearly?

Was she always monitoring them?! That’s too abnormal…

Hearing this, Liu Ruo’s face was blue and white. She quickly said “Believe it or not”, and then ran out.

There was still work in the afternoon, and Ling Zhen didn’t want to affect her mood because of such nonsense.

She suppressed the matter and finished the afternoon shooting with a good mindset. 

Only after returning to the hotel in the evening did she have the time to think about the rumors more seriously.

In fact, she was still a bit angry.

She was a soul that gathered spiritual energy, and her heart was pure. She had always hated this kind of unfounded slander. 

Besides, Ling Zhen still didn’t know what Liu Ruo’s purpose was for doing this. 

Was it just to give her little sister a chance to join the crew? Could adults be so naive?!

Sure enough, it was no good to be stained with the protagonist’s aura.

Ling Zhen lazily lay on the big bed in the hotel, burying her head in the pillow.

She was a bit depressed and wanted to find someone to complain to.

But it seemed that only Wei Xi could listen to her.

Ling Zhen took out her phone, opened WeChat, and saw Wei Xi’s dialog box. Then she suddenly remembered that she didn’t call Wei Xi yesterday, and Wei Xi did not send her any message.

Was he so busy?

Ling Zhen sat up, holding the quilt, and dialed the phone.

Toot, toot—

Hearing the busy tone, Ling Zhen was a little discouraged.

In fact, a person like Wei Xi, who was so busy at work every day, should be impatient to listen to her talking about this small gossip, right?!

It was just that Ling Zhen had lived with him since she came into this world. 

Even if she knew that Wei Xi was a dangerous person who may blacken later, Ling Zhen still subconsciously regarded him as her close friend.

If this friend ignored her, she would have no one to chat with. Ling Zhen curled her lips, feeling a little desolate.

Ling Zhen’s whole body was sunk into a ball, her slender eyelashes drooped and she looked a little wilted. 

She sat on the bed for a while and wanted to go downstairs to buy something to drink. Maybe sugar could change her mood.

There was a convenience store downstairs in the hotel, and Ling Zhen liked strawberry yogurt there. 

She put on a fluffy jacket and wore the cotton bunny pants that she had brought, and walked out of the hotel lobby.

When she arrived at the convenience store, her mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen answered the call while walking to the drink shelf, “Hello…?”

The girl’s voice was soft and sounded a bit dull.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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