GSBVH: Chapter-73


The next day, Qingxi employees discovered that their President Wei had really become a total workaholic.

The man had been in the office for several days, processing various documents until late at night, as if he was on a very tight schedule.

But why was Mr. Wei in such a hurry??

Zhao Yan took the report for next week and gave it to his boss for approval. 

After Wei Xi finished signing, he asked, “Boss, do you have anything to do in a few days?”

Wei Xi did not look up and casually replied, “Yeah.”

Hearing this, Zhao Yan’s curiosity was aroused, “Is it a big deal?”

The corner of Wei Xi’s lips hooked almost invisibly, “Yes.”

As the backbone of Qingxi and the confidant of the boss, how could he be absent for major events?

Zhao Yan immediately said, “Mr. Wei, then I will go with you!”

Hearing this, Wei Xi’s sporadic smile suddenly disappeared. He lifted his eyelids and glanced at him, “You want to follow?”

Zhao Yan suddenly felt cold, and he became inexplicably scared. 

The last time when he played his sister-in-law’s voice in the conference room, his boss’ reaction was like this too.


Zhao Yan had learned a lesson. He immediately said with a serious face, “I will strictly guard the company and work for you till death!”

In the crew of “The Questions of the Immortal”, Zheng Qian Qian had just finished filming a scene, and her face had turned pale from exhaustion.

She sat outside to take a brief rest. After she finished her coffee, the little assistant ran to buy her a new one, and there was no one around her. 

Seeing this, Liu Ruo quietly walked behind Zheng Qian Qian, pretending to read the content on the phone inadvertently—

The crew of “The Question of the Immortals” has started shooting and the leading heroine is not as beautiful as the newcomer!”

Hearing this, Zheng Qian Qian looked back at Liu Ruo and raised her eyebrows, “Let me take a look.”

Liu Ruo pretended to be indifferent and handed her phone over, “I just saw it when I first checked Weibo.”

Zheng Qian Qian opened the post and read it.

It was a low-level draft that was obviously pulling her name and stepping on it. 

In the article, several people’s makeup photos were posted, and Ling Zhen was praised. 

It was said that she was the most beautiful person in “The Questions of the Immortal” crew, and she had stepped on the heroine.

Liu Ruo couldn’t help being proud after seeing Zheng Qian Qian seriously reading the article. 

In the crew, Ling Zhen and Zheng Qian Qian were together, and Liu Ruo had always felt uncomfortable about this. 

If she wants to plan against Ling Zhen, firstly she has to destroy her interpersonal relationship.

Liu Ruo took this opportunity to fan the flames, “Sister Qian Qian, I think you take care of Ling Zhen so often, but she buys this kind of news and tramples on you behind your back…”

“Her character is really too bad, right!”

After Zheng Qian Qian finished reading the article from start to finish, she handed her the phone back, with a look of confusion, “Buy the news?”

“That’s right! We really know people’s faces but don’t know their hearts…”

Zheng Qian Qian looked at her like she was looking at a fool, “Who would buy this kind of news? The account doesn’t even have many followers.”

The smile on Liu Ruo’s face froze, and her lips moved, “Haha, that’s true…”

“But Sister Qian Qian, doesn’t this make you angry? Doesn’t it say that you don’t look as good-looking as Ling Zhen!”


Hearing this, Zheng Qian Qian was even more confused, “Isn’t it true?”

Liu Ruo, “…”

After resting enough, Zheng Qian Qian stood up and patted Liu Ruo’s shoulder, and meaningfully said, “In this circle, having self-knowledge and a good mentality is very important.”

“…Although I am not very good-looking, I am much better than you!”

Liu Ruo, “…”

Liu Ruo didn’t provoke her but was ridiculed in the end.

Later at night, Zheng Qian Qian told Ling Zhen about it when they were eating.

They have been shooting together for the last ten days, she and Ling Zhen were already very familiar with each other and understand each other’s personalities well.

Ling Zhen was also very confused, “What’s the matter with her?”

“Maybe she didn’t like you looking beautiful…”

Zheng Qian Qian shook her head, “Anyway, she likes to make small movements, pay attention to her.”

Ling Zhen thanked her and helplessly signed, “This person is really attached to me.”

Zheng Qian Qian smiled, “In this circle, too many people are jealous of others.”

With Zheng Qian Qian’s reminder, Ling Zhen paid more attention to Liu Ruo’s movement in the next few days.

And she really noticed something strange in the crew.

For example, some staff members would whisper, but they would immediately stop speaking when she passed by them. 

Another example was that some young actors would no longer come to chat with her, and occasionally point to her when Ling Zhen didn’t see them.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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