GSBVH: Chapter-72


In Qingxi, it was time to get off work, but some people in the office still hadn’t left.

In the past week, the time of getting off-duty in Qingxi had been silently postponed. The reason was simple— their boss, Mr. Wei Xi has started working late at night! 

The high-level executives didn’t dare to go home too early and had to spend all evening staying at the company, showing their loyalty, before leaving quietly.

It took more than an hour for Zhao Yan to leave. He glanced at the office and saw only He Xi was still working on the high-management level floor.

He knocked on the office door and said, “Manager He, you are still busy? This is all right, you can finish work tomorrow. Can we go together?”

He Xi raised her head, curled her lips, and gently smiled, “There is still some work that needs to be done, so you can go first.”

Hearing this, Zhao Yan shrugged, “Okay, then come on.”

When he left, He Xi took out the small makeup mirror from the drawer, checked her face carefully, and then reapplied the lipstick. 

The color that she chose today was the legendary the best color that men liked. 

He Xi checked herself in the mirror and felt very satisfied with her look.

After patching up her makeup, she stroked her curly hair and walked to the president’s office in high heels.

Last week shooting for “The Questions of the Immortal” had started, and she saw on Weibo that Ling Zhen was already in City B. 

Now that there was no one around Mr. Wei, it was the perfect time for her to act.

After listening to Ling Zhen’s conversation in the bathroom that day, He Xi had been trying to find out what Ling Zhen’s so-called “past” was, but there was no gain for the time being.

She wouldn’t be discouraged because of this. 

From the moment she joined the company, she fell in love with Wei Xi at first sight.

Even though she later learned that he was actually married, she didn’t want to give up her love. So putting in some more time doesn’t matter, doesn’t it?

He Xi slowly walked to Wei Xi’s office.

She raised a charming smile, opened the door, and sweetly yelled, “Mr. Wei~”

There was no one in the office.

Only the pot of wealthy trees stood still in front of her.

Seeing the tree, He Xi’s expression dropped in an instant, and she slammed the door panel hard.

Wei Xi did not go home, he went to the hospital.

For him this week passed very slowly, just like the days before, like plain and tasteless water. 

After finally having something to do, Wei Xi drove to the hospital after finishing work.

Mother Wei’s condition was fairly stable. After Wei Xi talked with the attending doctor, he returned to the ward. 

He sat on the edge of the bed, silently, slowly peeling an apple in his hand.

Mother Wei looked at him and asked, “I heard people say that the drama really started in City B??”

Wei Xi cut off a small piece of apple and fed it to the old woman sitting on the bed, “Yeah.”

“You can’t see each other now?” There was a smile in Mother Wei’s eyes.

Wei Xi frowned, “…Hmm.”

The communication between mother and child was very less. After a while, Mother Wei asked, “How long will it take to finish the filming?”

Hearing this, the crease in Wei Xi’s eyebrows became deeper.

He rarely thinks about that number of days, because after thinking about it, there would be no positive emotions left inside his dark heart.

“There are still a few weeks.” Wei Xi replied in a low voice.

Mother Wei’s gentle and calm gaze fell on her son, with kind scrutiny. 

After a long time, she smiled and asked, “Don’t you miss her?”

Wei Xi lowered his eyelashes and said, “It’s okay.”

Missing a person in only a week was absurd. Moreover, missing someone was a useless emotion, which was too strange to Wei Xi.

He was not missing her, he just often felt irritable.

Seeing his reaction, Mother Wei smiled silently. Her eyes were very soft, with a hint of clarity and relief that belonged to the elders.

After a while, the meal ordered by Wei Xi was delivered outside the ward.

He went and pushed the dining trolley in. After setting up the table, he arranged the plates and food.

Wei Xi lowered his head slightly as if thinking about something, with tableware under his hand.

After setting it up, his well-knotted hand was suddenly grasped by Mother Wei tremblingly.


Mother Wei’s voice was smiling, and her dry fingers pointed to the third pair of plates and chopsticks on the table.

“You miss her.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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Yu Yue
Yu Yue
30 days ago

He should just go.
Thanks for the chapter!!!

Yu Yue
Yu Yue
30 days ago

He should just go ah!
Thanks for the chapter!!!