GSBVH: Chapter-71


A few days later, Ling Zhen became well-adapted to the daily life of filming. 

She was a very clever person. She learned from experienced directors in the crew and had the guidance of famous actresses like Zheng Qian Qian.

Together with her own efforts, Ling Zhen’s acting was getting better and better.

Fu Qing was originally a lovable character, played by Ling Zhen, with a beautiful costume face, and the degree of impact was almost 100%.

But when she got busy, she didn’t have much time to video call Wei Xi. Sometimes she was so tired that she directly fell asleep and only saw a “good night” text from Wei Xi early the next morning.

Ling Zhen quite liked such a busy life, which gave her a real feeling of living in this world.

This afternoon, there happened to be a scene between Ling Zhen and Liu Ruo.

In order to give a gift to the male lead, Ye Wen Tian, Fu Qing ran to the mountain and climbed on the ancient tree. The third female lead played by Liu Ruo was her senior sister, telling her to be careful standing under the tree.

Ling Zhen’s single scene was taken first.

Fu Qing was wearing a beautiful skirt but was laying down in the grass without hesitation while scooping around seriously. The camera took a close-up shot. The girl’s flawless face was full of seriousness, staring at the gap in the grass…

“——Pass!” The director stared at the monitor and called out.

The next few scenes of Ling Zhen were also shot smoothly. The director poked his head from behind the monitor and praised, “Not bad!”

Liu Ruo waited for her shot and couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Then came the scene between the two. Ling Zhen stood on the prop tree, desperately trying to catch a little spider.

At this time, the senior sister appeared on the scene and called her to be careful.

Liu Ruo opened her mouth and carelessly said, “Be careful, don’t fall!”

Ling Zhen on the tree: “…”

Not only did her voice have any sign of concern, but she seemed to be speaking in a yin-and-yang tone.

The director didn’t have much patience, so he immediately stuck his head out and said, “What’s the matter with you? Can’t even speak a line!”

A group of people was all looking at the scene and Liu Ruo felt particularly shameful, and she quickly had to whisper an apology to the director.

When her scene was over, Liu Ruo hurriedly went back to the hotel room with an ugly expression, took out her cell phone, and called Jian Wen Yi.

Jian Wen Yi’s soft voice came from the phone, “Ruo Ruo? How is your day today?”

Feeling full of resentment, Liu Ruo scolded the director and Ling Zhen.

Although she frowned, Jian Wen Yi still listened to her patiently. 

The relationship between her and Liu Ruo was not very close, but she was also going to be part of the “The Questions of Immortals” crew, so the two talents suddenly became close.

Finally, after Liu Ruo finished complaining, Jian Wen Yi immediately asked, “What about Yan Chu? How was he in the past few days?”

“Oh, my he——” When Liu Ruo started talking about this, she started to sell slowly, “A few days ago, when I passed by his room, I saw…”

Jian Wen Yi was a little anxious, “Saw what?”

She also knew that it was not good to hear about Shen Yan Chu’s life from others, but she was very upset.

Since the character was robbed, Jian Wen Yi was always worried that other things would also be robbed from her.

Liu Ruo knew about the relationship between Jian Wen Yi and Shen Yan Chu.

After she sold enough, she angrily said, “I saw your hero standing at the door of Ling Zhen’s room. I didn’t know what they were talking about!”

Hearing that, Jian Wen Yi’s face turned white, like falling into an ice cave, “Yes… Did he go there on his own initiative?”

“I don’t know…maybe Ling Zhen asked him to go there!” Liu Ruo said.

“Ruo Ruo, please watch her more…” Jian Wen Yi’s initial anxiety became more intense, she said with difficulty, “I am a little scared…”

Liu Ruo nodded, remembering the scolding she had received during the scene with Ling Zhen today, and her eyes showed a calculating light. 

“Don’t worry, I will help you watch her.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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Yu Yue
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