GSBVH: Chapter-7


As the mood of Mother Wei changed, a lot of the dark spots that were earlier surrounding her dissipated. 

Looking at the positive change, Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief.

This first blackening point of the villain should be considered past.

At that moment, outside the room, Wei Xi was leaning against the pure white wall of the hospital while slightly bowing his head.

The thick eyelashes covered his dark eyes, and there was a complicated expression on his cold pale face. The laughter coming from the room was very clear in the quiet corridor.

Wei Xi hadn’t heard such laughter in a very long time.

At night, Ling Zhen took a bath and was thankful to survive the day. 

After the bath, she looked at herself in the mirror. She had apricot eyes, with long dark eyelashes, a small nose tip, and full lips. The facial features were exactly the same as the past her.  

After having such a beautiful face, what kind of facial surgery did the original owner needed?

The complexion of the original owner was dull. Moreover, the personality of the original owner was sensitive. She had an inferiority complex and because of which her posture always looked bad.

Ling Zhen slowly raised her hand and touched the small bead that was hanging from the thin thread on her collarbone. This life-spirit bead was the only thing that came with her from the fairy world. 

The life-spirit bead was equivalent to her, it saw what she saw and heard what she heard.

In addition, this bead was nourished with the aura of the immortal realm. And based on Ling Zhen’s observation, the aura of her bead was almost equivalent to half of the aura’s of this world.

So Ling Zhen wasn’t worried about using the life-spirit bead for nourishment. She quickly adjusted her apperance back to her earlier state in the fairy world.

After safely passing the villain’s blackening period, she could rest assured and try to find a way back to the fairy world.

Thinking about the countermeasures, Ling Zhen calmed down and dried her hair. She walked out of the bathroom wearing a long white cotton nightdress.

Wei Xi’s bedroom was on the left of the bathroom and the right, there was a slightly smaller room filled with original host’s things.

Ling Zhen was slightly uncertain about how the original body and Wei Xi slept.

The relationship between them was very cold, it was likely that they slept in separate rooms, but if, they slept in the same room then it would be a problem for her. 

Thinking about it, Ling Zhen was slightly frightened, she feared that she might take a step towards the wrong room. 

With a long slender calf, Ling Zhen hurriedly walked back and forth in the corridor a few times and decided to walk into the small room on the right.

A few minutes later, she came out of the room and continued to walk back and forth. 

After a while, she finally decided to walk towards the door of Wei Xi’s bedroom. After coming to the bedroom door she became frustrated and put her forehead on the door panel.

What should she do? Should she go in and say good night to him and then go back to the small room to sleep?!

After making up her mind, Ling Zhen raised her small hand and was about to knock on the door. Then suddenly with a ‘click’ sound, the door was opened from inside.

Before gathering her courage to knock on the door, Ling Zhen was still leaning against the panel of the door. And as the door opened, she fell forward and hit a hard chest.

The girl had just taken a bath, her hair was still slightly wet and scented like the warm flowers. Her body was warm, and when she bumped against his chest, like a softball the corners of her cotton nightdress slowly rubbed against the back of his hand.

Wei Xi lowered his head and frowned. 

Ling Zhen hurriedly leaned away and took a step back. The description of how Wei Xi tortured the original owner in the original plot once again came to her mind, and Ling Zhen got goosebumps from fear.

With a slight hostility, Wei Xi said, “Noisy.”

The sound of her walking back and forth in the corridor was very noisy.

After saying that, Wei Xi raised her hand, but before he could do anything the girl hurriedly ran back to the opposite room. 

Wei Xi was speechless looking at her reaction.

Women were really difficult. He just wanted to rub her forehead.

Ling Zhen ran back to the small room in a panic, Wei Xi had just raised his hand at her. Is it necessary to get so angry about such a small thing and beat her? 

What should she do to calm him down?

Outside the room, Wei Xi frowned. 

In the end, Wei Xi raised his foot and walked towards the door of her room, and said, “You…”

Before he could finish his words, music audio was suddenly played in the room, with a super loud noise.

“Don’t get angry, don’t get angry.”

“Anger is the devil.”

Wei Xi was once again speechless looking at her reaction.



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